News : Jaguar Land Rover profits up 11%

Range Rover L405 (1)

The Jaguar Land Rover success story shows no sign of abating, as the company reports another significant rise in sales and profits during the past 12 months. The company has reported revenues of £15.8bn for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2013, up 17% year on year (£13.5bn last year).

Retail sales increased 22% to 374,636 vehicles, supported by significant product actions including the Range Rover, Jaguar all-wheel drive XF and XJ and the XF Sportbrake. The company generated positive sales growth in all regions: China up 48%, Asia Pacific up 27%, UK up 20%, Europe up 18%, North America up 9% and other overseas markets up 19%. Profit before tax increased by 11% to £1,675m for the fiscal year (£1,507m last year).

Commenting on the results, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ralf Speth said: ‘The positive result for the financial year demonstrates that we have strong demand for our great, solid product portfolio all around the world. During this period Jaguar Land Rover unveiled major new products, the all-new all aluminium Range Rover and the Jaguar Sportbrake, the AWD XF and AWD XJ and the stunning F-Type.’

Dr Speth continued: ‘Jaguar Land Rover invested significantly in the product creation process, in our advanced manufacturing sites and created more than 3000 jobs. This commitment is set to continue with a sustained programme of investment which will see us spend in the region of £2.75bn on new product, people and infrastructure in the year to March 2014.’

Jaguar Land Rover 2012/13 Fiscal Year Retail Sales:

TOTAL 374,636 up 22%
Europe 80,994 up 18%
China 77,075 up 48%
UK 72,270 up 20%
North America 62,959 up 9%
Asia Pacific 17,849 up 27%
Overseas 63,489 up 19%


Keith Adams


  1. Sorry I was so excited at the thought of the worried Germans I mean’t to say “Jaguar Land Rover.”
    Great news.

  2. Paul

    You were probably right first time round. It’s the Land Rover side that’s powering ahead, I’ve seen several of the new Range Rovers on the street already. The Jaguar side is finding progress much harder…

  3. These figures are even more impressive when you consider the transistion period between the end of the L332’s production and phased sales delivery of the new L405 generation Range Rover in export markets. The more recent sales launch (i.e. earlier this month) of the Jaguar F Type, and the unveiling of the new Range Rover Sport (which I have seen in ‘the flesh’ and it does look stunning). Also the launch of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake in the final quarter of last year.

    And apparently there are a few more surprises to be unveiled before the end of this year. All of it is very encouraging for the ongoing success of Jaguar Land Rover. Long may it continue.

  4. @4 – Idiot – The cars are designed in Britain, developed in Britain and manufactured in Britain from components largely sourced in Britain. God help us!

  5. Just shows what can be achieved with consistant investment, quality and fabulous designers. Some of which used to work for Austin Rover Group!! I appreciate that volumes will rise further with the nw X Type. Hope their is a coupe, convertable and saloon. That alone should sell 150,000 units. Then could JLR bring back Rover as either a A3 competitor or as a TCV type crossover range?? If sold through LR with their image and quality it would sell in the bucket loads. In fact they would need to increase production facility still further. 500,000 here we come. BLMC specialist division heading back at last. Mini is the rump of BMC but needs a new ADO16. What about MG Motor UK? SAIC need to get real, spend some money and get a decent designer. Williams Kenny has done a dreadful job on MG6 and MG3 in comparison to Jerry McGovern and Callum at JLR. I think MG will get there but it will take 10 years. BMW bring back Riley and Triumph and SAIC bring back Morris.

  6. Contrast that with the way Tata’s own brand cars seem to be tanking in India – might be more scope for some British/ex Rover influence on their development…

    I just hope Land Rover don’t expand too fast and hit quality problems through overstretched resources both internally and within their supplier base.

  7. @ Chris C:

    “I just hope Land Rover don’t expand too fast and hit quality problems through overstretched resources both internally and within their supplier base.”

    That is a valid point given the enormous strides Land Rover has made in recent years to try and shake off their previously less than desirable reputation when it came to quality. Something tells me that Land Rover will continue to build on their recent achievements and ensure that the reality of quality, rather than just perception of it, will continue to extend to their component suppliers and also dealer network, rather than merely the products themselves.

  8. Once upon a time there had to be a very good reason to buy a Jaguar or Land Rover product, now there has to be a very good reason not to!

    A fantastic achievement JLR.

  9. It is great news, but in a way depressing. We are constantly being told by “experts” from the City and the London media that we should give up on manufacturing. We are no good at it, can’t compete, this countrie’s products are dated and inferior. Best to turn to call centres, and estate agents. Ponzi schemes and housing booms are our future.
    JLR shows what rubbish that is. Give British engineers and designers funding over the long run and they can succeed. The problem is that doesn’t happen with British ownership. This year’s profits must be kept high, so there is no investment. Make do with a dated part from the parts bin, use that engine again, must reuse the same worn tooling. Investment is stop start, with things left unfinished and dated by the time the company returns to them.
    We need to reform the ownership structures and the financial system in this country. Then we could have more JLR, instead of it being a rare exception.

  10. @ 17 Bartelbe – Thats so true! We really are GREAT at design & production in this country. Not just Jaguar Land Rover, but McLaren, Aston Martin, JCB and Bentley too! And not just automoblies but over companies like Rolls Royce Aero, Sunseeker, BAE System and GSK. We can’t get great at manufacturing cos we ARE GREAT at manufacturing and design! The only thing that holds us back is people grabbing money short term rather than playing the long game! Just look at how much money is being pumped in to JLR! Tata are taking a risk but they know it’ll work long term because of the people they have. rant over. 😀

  11. I agree. The UK is full of manufacturing and engineering talent.

    What the UK doesn’t seem to have are the captains of industry to steer this talent beyond short sighted profit share payouts and pension schemes.

    That seems to be why UK brands thrive under foreign ownership.

  12. @19 Perhaps The Dragons and Sid James (sorry I mean Sir Alan Sugar) should run car companies in the UK. These people seem good at what they do.

  13. @20

    The Dragons? They’d try and sell cars through their retail channels, then pull out of the venture.

    Sir Alan? He might build millions of cars with the cheapest components he could find and sell them for a couple of grand each. Then, he’d lump the whole lot off to Sky for a few bill.

  14. I do mean those with the greatest of respect, just that running a retail chain or selling electronics is different to the high development cost, fickle, marketing led industry that is car manufacturing.

  15. @17
    The success of JLR also shows the benefit of not siphoning off the profits from successful companies to prop up unsuccessful ones, as happened in the 70s back in BL days.

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