News : Jaguar’s new sports car is the F-TYPE

Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar F-TYPE

Unveiled at the New York Motor Show – the name for Jaguar’s production C-X16. We’ve seen them before during the 1970s, 1990s and 2000s, but this time, after so many false starts, the Jaguar F-TYPE will be going on sale by the summer of 2013. We’ll have to start getting used to calling the wonderful C-X16 by its new moniker, now that it enters its final stages of test and development – still under the codename X152.

The car will closely resemble the C-X16,and will also be available as a two-seater convertible, which may be launched before the shapely coupe. The F-TYPE will take Jaguar into new markets – going head-to-head with top-end Porsche Boxsters and Caymans, as well as entry-level 911s. It’s a new sector for Jaguar but, given its confident new outlook and range, the marque is looking to land some heavy blows on its German rival. However, as AROnline revealed back in September, the C-X16’s hybrid drivetrain probably won’t be available from launch – the timing is very tight – but the F-TYPE will be powered by a 3-litre V6, offered in varying states of tune.

Adrian Hallmark – Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars Limited said: ‘Jaguar’s sporting heart will beat stronger than ever before in the F-TYPE. Its development is a vivid representation of the confidence and ambition of the Jaguar brand, and our desire to produce a world-leader in a market segment that we have been absent from for too long. But no longer – the F-TYPE is coming.’

The early announcement of the name continues the drip-feed of pre-launch publicity that should culminate in the full launch at this year’s Paris Motor Show. We’ll keep you posted…

Jaguar C-X16 at Frankfurt
Jaguar C-X16, as shown in 2011 at Frankfurt
Keith Adams


  1. Want one! There’s not many new cars I say that about. Jag are defiantly in a new golden era…

  2. Need to see this in the flesh i think,the front looks a bit busy and the sides look aston-esque.Probably a grower for me.

  3. What a success story JLR are becoming!!
    In a funny kind of way, it seems strange that only 6 years ago we were all mourning for the loss of the last British volume Manufacturer (MGR)
    What we now have is the best bits from the old BL empire (Jaguar/Landrover/Mini/and who knows, even MG ) thriving under new owners and taking on the world in a way that has not been seen since the 1960s. Cynics may say they areno longer Briitish, but hop over to Czech Republic, and you will see a nation so proud of Skoda it makes you wonder what peoples problem is with a brand being in the hands of a responsible foreign owner….

  4. Was not expecting that. There has been loads of speculation about the name of the new car, and this seems to me like a huge risk considering the X and S-Type models. Have heard that Jaguar want to avoid names like XF in future, to make it easier to christen new vehicle ranges. There was a suggestion that Jaguar should use ‘XJ’ as the prefix to all of the names of its saloon ranges, and use names like XJ6, XJ8 and XJ12 to differentiate, but not by the number of cylinders as in the past, but by the car’s place in the saloon hierarchy, e.g XJ6 for the 3-Series rival, XJ8 for the next XF.

  5. At last!
    After soooo many false almost starts over as many decades, jaguars finally bitten the bullet!

    As said above, brilliant move Jaguar!

    JLR which incorporates more of the Rover Group than any other company and is on the up and up.

    Now where did I here that new catchy phrase that’s so timely…

    British is the new German 🙂

  6. …it’s almost like a game of chess this. Is this why BMW re-reistered the Triumph logo late last year? Are they planning on countering the open-top, 2-seater Brit. with one of their own?

    It could be interesting but for now it seems as though Jag is out of the blocks first and I’m wondering how many would-be Porsche buyers are holding back for now?

  7. Great news and and yet another winner from Jaguar Cars after the current XK, XF and more recent XJ. This will undoubtedly sell very well and add further to the commercial fortunes of Jaguar Land Rover and also the perceptions of the Jaguar brand. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh!

  8. #15
    I would say we are in a new era for Jaguar, one where the promise is being delivered.
    To me, this car, has the potential to be the successor to the E-Type we all know it deserves. It beautiful, surely an object of desire for many many enthiusiasts and more importantly those with the cash to buy.
    Maybe it was fate that none of the other F-Typre proposals never went into production.

  9. After all the comments from Jaguar about their new badging strategy, I wasn’t expecting that!

  10. what a lovely car Jaguar made, and indeed Tata has given LandRover & Jaguar the wings they needed… wish i had the money for it…

    @15: buy a porsche or something boring else and listen to, sat, Snowpatrol instead 🙂

  11. Fantastic new Jag! JLR are on the up alright…should they consider building a car to take on Passat/Mondeo/Avensis? Call it a Rover?

  12. # It’s nothing like that.

    If you can’t understand the politics that stopped the XJ41 & X600 thne don’t bother posting such negative comments.

  13. Not an E-Type, then again it shouldn’t be, but looks good in todays world. Especially when compared with Merc and Bummer both with more creases than a Hollywood actress would care to get rid of or Boxter which is ahhhh well boring.

    Good luck JLR and keep ’em coming

  14. #25 The point of the F-Type being announced is that it IS coming to market. The CX-16 was the toe in the water.

    Yes, I know BL have cancelled car programmes even when the first batch after Job 1 is waiting to be loaded on transporters but this is JLR and things are different now.

  15. great stuff fron JLR and it helps to secure loads more jobs here.. They still need to expand the range, so a 3-series rival, a soft roader (like Audi’s All Road A4), a supercar, and a Bently type car are still required.

    Anything below the 3-series rival would need a Rover badge but it’s ten years too soon to bring the damaged name back. At least in this case it would act as a serious rival to Alfa and VW and a totally new design philosophy can be incorporated… New Rover Metro anyone?

  16. Still not keen on the front lights, but everything else is top notch and will give Jag a real prescence in this market. However, does the numbers add up to recoup the money invested in developing the model which is in a niche market – could have this money been better invested in a 3 series rival, the market which sells the most and increases revenues?

  17. Jlr bringing out the f type yessssss about time we could also get landrover to produce a jag 4×4 to extend its selling power.
    And as suggested a new rover range of saloons to take on the mondeo and vector as of the world after all jlr do own the rover name and rover was the parent company to landrover

  18. Like the idea of a Daimler version, and a 3 series rival but must have a coupe, cabriolet, tourer and 4 door saloon this time. I think there is room to sell a successor to the SD1 built properly this time through the L-R network to compete with the Audi A4. Needs to be a 5 door fastback and estate tourer with allroad versions. I would sue the Range Rover brand for that not just Rover and a cross over needs to be developed along the lines of TCV.

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