News : JLR celebrates a record February

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Jaguar Land Rover reported its best ever February retail sales of 37,494 vehicles, up 31 per cent on February 2015. The company sold 83,510 vehicles in the first two months of 2016, a 27 per cent rise.

Retail sales for the month of February were up year-on-year across all regions: 84 per cent in the UK, 52 per cent in Europe, 27 per cent in North America, and 14 per cent in China. Other Overseas markets were up 13 per cent year-on-year.

Land Rover retailed 30,756 vehicles in the month, up 27 per cent year-on-year. Best-sellers for the month were the Discovery Sport, retailing 7857 vehicles, the Range Rover Sport, retailing 6418 vehicles and the Range Rover, with retails of 4328 in the month. Jaguar had its best February performance in more than a decade, delivering 6738 vehicles, up 50 per cent on the previous year, due to continued solid sales of the XE (2639 vehicles) and the XF (2444 vehicles).

Commenting on the performance, Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, said: ‘We started the year with a record January and have followed this up with another historic month of sales, thanks in large part to the performance of the UK and European markets and continued customer demand for the XE and Discovery Sport.’

Keith Adams


  1. Are those LR/RR splits correct, as it implies they sold more “proper” Range Rovers than Evoques in the month!

  2. Great news overall and amazing result on RR Sport given the entry price and product has been around a while now. 2639 XE’s doesn’t sound much compared to Disco Sport, but I hope I’m wrong. One in our office car park the other day has a Thrifty rental sticker on the back, not sure if a good sign or not.

  3. I guess it just shows where the market is right now. SUV/Crossover are in big demand, saloon cars aren’t. Also the Discovery Sport hits the nail on the head whilst sadly the XE doesn’t. Despite all the hype it feels a distinctly average car to me with no real distinguishing features at all. Watch Jaguar sales fly next year though when the F Pace comes on stream.

  4. Given the XE’s target market (3 Series man), I would have thought that “extremely average” would have been a distinct advantage!

    My experience of using one for a several days was that it was anything but average; if anything, it seems too risk taking and extreme to fit into this very traditional sector of the market. From the very low slung and raked out driving position to the nice styling, it entirely fails to provide the unmatched levels of dullness and lack of innovation that this most demanding of market sectors usually insists upon.

  5. I also wonder about the XE sales numbers. They don’t look good to me and may even be stealing XF sales. Hope I’m missing something….

    For me the interior is no match for the C class and the back seat has little leg room. But in every other respect its a great car. So I’d like to see JLR improve the interior and also add an estate, coupe and convertible otherwise I fear this could be another X type sales fiasco

  6. Surprised and alarmed at how low XE figures are compared to Disco Sport.

    Hopefully just a case that the exec fleets were waiting for the March GB numberplate change.

    Yet on the street I’d say I see more XEs than Disco Sports.

  7. The Jaguar XE has yet to start sales in the North America market which should add at least another 1500-2000 sales per month hopefully.

  8. Its worth noting that the XE is not yet on sale in the USA and Canada yet so the comparison with the Discovery Sport is not like for like.

    Nevertheless I suspect the XE is not selling n the numbers JLR hoped. From reading various forum posts, it appears to have not found favour with existing XF owners – possibly not enough walnut!

    I read one forum post claiming that there were stockpiles of unsold XE’s at various sites in the west midlands – does anyone know if that is true?

    Anyway the overall JLR sales for February are good news for the company and jobs.

  9. Let’s not write off the XE just yet as it has probably not reached all its intended export markets yet and there is more than likely a phased introduction of some variants. After all, it only went on sale in the home market in May of last year, with most manufacturers taking at least a year before all intended markets have been penetrated with a new model.

    It is also a new sector for a Jaguar model given the absence of such an offering, namely the X Type, since 2010. This means it will take time for the XE to gain recognition and appraisal in some markets. The Discovery Sport, in comparison, neatly superseded an existing model.

  10. Now have 12months experience of 3 different XE on a fleet I manage. Only gripes are rear leg room and some inferior feeling minor interior trim. That said this car is superior to all its competitors which we also have on the fleet including A4(superb interior quality but wooden to drive and some niggly problems), C-Class(good drive but contrary to popular belief very poor interior quality), Volvo S60(great alround except unexciting to drive), Lexus I(superb alround) and 3-Series(great to drive but unrefined and quality very poor). Staw pole of our drivers and the XE wins, the C-Class second. We are very impressed with running costs of the XE and the build quality is superb. I have read magazine articles which complain of the level of build quality and wonder where these guys are comming from. One of our XEs has 34k and presents and drives as new. I suspect they will be even better in terms of reliability than the much maligned X-Type which is my number one car after having tons of them with mega miles. I still recommend family and friends to buy them used.

    Love everybodys oppinions though. Great site.

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