News : MG3 goes live at Silverstone


The MG Car Club has confirmed that the first public showing in Europe of the MG3 will be at MGLive! Held at Silverstone on June 15-16, MGLive! is the world’s largest celebration of everything MG, making it the perfect event to reveal the fun new hatchback to friends of the marque.

Taking style cues from the MG ZERO concept car, the MG3 is the epitome of modern British style. The new small MG will also be launched with a wide range of colours and personalisation options and a selection of these will be on public display for the first time at MG Live!

MG Car Club General Manager Julian White said: ‘At the MG Car Club we represent every model of MG from the very earliest to the very latest and are looking forward to welcoming MG3 into the family. MGLive! is the MG Car Club’s annual celebration of all things MG that attracts new and old friends of the marque from right across the world.’

Guy Jones, MG’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: ‘The British Design and Engineering teams take pride in the fact that MG3s will soon be leaving the production line in Birmingham. MGLive! is the perfect launch pad for MG3 to ensure fans of the brand have the first chance to see the new compact MG.’

More information on the MG Live! website.


Keith Adams


  1. I wonder if the marketing budget will run to some balloons again?
    I do hope so, they will won’t they….. surely?

  2. Comments 2, 3 and 4 say it all.

    Any enthusiasm, loyalty or goodwill by members of this site and the British car buying public has long since evaporated due to the inaction, vacillation, and lack of marketing by MG UK over the past 5 years. Sad.

  3. For goodness sake market this one.

    Even with a budget of £1.50 you can do a lot:
    – Something viral on the internet
    – Pay sniff petrol to do an advert (and use it)
    – Give a load to top gear for a cricket match or something (stolen idea)
    – Park them at stations and shopping centres so they are seen (they did this with the Capri)
    – Put them in any TV show that wants them
    – Do a version with silly power to attract the magazines even if only 5 are made or the price is silly

    My consultancy rates are very reasonable!

  4. “The MG3 is the epitome of modern British style.”

    That’s the trouble with churnalism.

  5. This thing needs a 1.5T, not at 1.5 that is slow, noisy, and generally a piece of crap. Replace that 1.5 with a 1.2T or something.

  6. FWIW, more evidence that MG/Roewe and its parent company aren’t doing so well in China – 240,000 units/year, only 10,000 exports, concentrating on export markets outside Europe. Only 280 E50’s suggests they could have used the design/investment resources better on their mainstream models;

    SAIC are apparently playing a very long game in the UK but it is a bit dangerous. Anyone know what the UK content on the MG3 is – how much more than just finishng the front ends?

  7. @Sheefag (comment 2). Who remembers when MG-Rover had thousands of ballons made to celebrate their bithday party only to find they’d all been printed upside down? HERITGE.

  8. I needs a 2.5 litre V6 quad cam 6 speed manual version, with no air con, no ABS no airbags and bog basic interior with wind up windows..

  9. “The MG3 is the epitome of modern British style.”

    No that’s the German designed MINI

  10. I really like this car’s looks in sharp contrast to the MG6 (which I don’t like). I would actually be temped by the MG3 when my wife car needs replacing. alex

  11. @11

    SAIC currently have their own 1.5T engine that Im sure will be made available in Europe soon.

    They are also co-developing a range of small capacity turbo engines with GM. I believe these will be available in a year or two?!

  12. It would look more coherent at the back if the boot lid was painted black, as it would disguise the handle and surround and make it look a bit more like the Volvo V40 and C30. I’d also use a large ‘3’ in the middle, rather than the tiny badge on the right (which looks way too much like Suzuki’s SZ badge2/3/4 still).

  13. I’d like to see it in the flesh before committing myself to an overly enthusiastic comment. However, from the above pictures it’s at least perfectly ok, possibly a tad distinctive with a few nice touches. It certainly don’t warrant some of the negative comments above. Further engine options would be a priority though. I can’t see it being rated as best in class but surely if promoted it could achieve at least noteworthy sales.

  14. @24 Agreed. I would also point out the only way of reaching any sort of impartial opinion would be to road test it for yourselves instead of listening to Clarksons of the world.

    No car drives bad nowadays,none of us pull 3g going Asda,i would be happy to drive this car about and i bet i would be impressed. I have my own mind and eyes and i make my own decisions in life,and i never take anyones word for anything.

    For many CO2 and engine size means everything,for me nothing,the more i hear about CO2 the more im convinced its one big tax swizz.

    Im also a strong believer in working for reward not existance,why have a C1 when you could have an RS4! On top of that,it would not be the worst buying decision of your life,if its a keeper who cares? we now get fleeced in every facet of our lives anyway.

  15. @25

    Excellently put! I like your style.

    With regards to mpg/CO2/depreciation etc etc etc – I dont care, as long as theyre not horrific. I will buy a car because it looks good and handles well without worrying about how much Im gonna get for it in 3 years time.

    A car is more than a tool to some of us.

  16. Craig @25

    That’ll be just you and me then! Most contributors here (when they have finished knocking 7 bells out of something they have never seen let alone driven) appear to be interested in mpg/CO2/residual value/the engineers choice of power-plant and the designers choice of rear hatch colour (it’s his design – if you don’t like it don’t buy it!)
    Bloomin ‘eck – are there any genuine car enthusiasts out there? Does anyone care at all about what it actually drives like? Bugger how much you get back at the end of 3 years – it’s a car for giving you ultimate pleasure getting from A to B – not a bloomin investment bond!

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