News : MG6 prices tumble with ‘no VAT’ deals


MG Motor UK might be preparing for the arrival of the new MG3, but slow sales of the MG6 range are still a concern for the company’s 30 UK dealers. With that in mind, the company has launched what it describes as a 0% VAT deal across the range, resulting in some tempting drive away deals for those who fancy one of the UK’s rarest cars.

The offer, which will run through July and August, is valid across the entire MG6 range, including the new DCI-Tech turbodiesels, and is described as the ‘0% VAT – No Exclusions’ deal. It will result in discounts of up to £3601. The entry level model, the MG6 GT petrol model in S trim, had a recommended on-the-road price of £15,455, but this is now cut to £12,968.58 – a saving of £2,486.42.

The top-of-the-range petrol model MG6 Magnette, which had a recommended on-the-road price of £20,350, will now cost £16,981.92 – a saving of £3,368.08.  On DTi-Tech diesel models, the S trim, which previously cost £16,995, is now available for £13,808.58 – a saving of £3186.42.

By way of comparison, a Skoda Octavia 2.0TDI CR SE is around £18,000 via a broker; a Rapid 1.6TDI CR SE will cost you around £13,000 from the same broker and a Vauxhall Astra 2.0CDTi 16v Ecoflex can be had for £16,000 if you shop around. So that makes the larger MG6 good – but not brilliant – value at these discounted prices and still a lot of car for the money.

Keith Adams


  1. I’m sure it’ll be a secret though. We need one of those daft American whistleblowers to let the world know what MG doesn’t want it to know – namely that they have cars to sell.

  2. @Morph

    2! Sheer luxury!

    Of the 2 that were in NI, one closed within 2 months of opening (the MG signage is still up on the derelict showroom – at least Subaru took theirs down to protect their brand) and the other is a multifranchise that gave up on the marque.

  3. These prices are very reasonable actually, for MINI Money you get an Octavia sized car.
    Well played.

  4. If MG are taking the VAT hit there should still be dealer margin to play with too so may be even better deals can be negotiated…. now IF MG had done this 3 months ago when I was seriously looking at the idea of a ‘6 I might just be in one now although the car didn’t fare well in the tow Car awards last month. I bought a used Freelander instead. I think there is a new dealers on Leeds Rd Huddersfield…..nearest to me.

  5. Even with the discount, these cars are still £3-6k overpriced given where MG are and where they want to be.

    One wonders why the hire car people (was it Avis?) haven’t come back for another bite of the cherry.

  6. Morph @ 3, Cumbria has the grand total of 0. The four former MG Rover dealers weren’t interested, which means a trip to Gateshead if you want an MG.

  7. @12. Nope no dealers in the North East, MG Newcastle became MG Lotus over a year ago.

    Need to go to Bradford now, or Sterling in Scotland.

  8. Trouble is if the cars are being sold VAT free then depreciation will take a further tumble? Great shame, the brand deserves more respect & success than this.

  9. I see a few regulars on the M42/40 each morning/evening during my commute to and from work. The Bronze one really does stand out.

    What were the sales figures for June, has the deisel made any difference at all?

    Those ‘no vat’ prices are competitive now.

    I was wondering why Avis didn’t take a 2nd batch. Perhaps MG Motor don’t want to produce too many more.

    Have over 1,000 been sold yet?

    Is the MG3 going down the finishing line at Longbridge too?

  10. @6 – They are not actually taking a VAT hit, just discounting by 20%. Probably shared between manufacturer and dealer as most big discounting campaigns are.

  11. A good offer, though TBH they should probably just price the cars at that point anyway considering how long such offers have been in place. See for example the £2500 deposit contribution and £3000 minimum Part Ex deal. Annoyingly there is little mention of the deal prices on their site. There’s a big message that comes up about the deal but the page doesn’t tell you what the offer prices are, and there’s no mention of it on the main 6 page with only the pre-offer prices listed.

    @9: I sincerely doubt that the average transaction price of most 6s actually sold pre-offer are much different from these offer prices so most of the ‘poor saps’ won’t be feeling too bad.

    @16: 22 registrations in June, up from 13 in both of May and April. Diesel came to market in late March, I think. And yes, there will be final assembly of the 3 at Longbridge as with the 6.

  12. One of the problems is all the ex Avis cars. They are now selling 61 plate cars for £7500 which is starting to seem very good value. However I still hope that MG start putting 5 year or even 7 year warranty’s on the cars which has certainly helped Kia with the private buyer. I have been running a 6 Diesel last week and a SEAT Leon diesel this week. The 6 is very good and averaged exactly 50mpg and the Leon is outstanding and averaged 57mpg. The interior of the Leon is streets ahead but the 6 handles better. With the price reductions they might just sell a few, but the 2,000 unit plan looks very optimistic now. More like 500 at most.

  13. @Keith

    Yes, I honestly am. I can pick up a 1 yr old “S” trim petrol off Autotrader for £7500, so why would I want to pay almost double that for a new one?

    If they’re not going to spend the money on marketing/advertising, then they should be knocking them out cheap. Having more on the roads (albeit as a loss leader for the first couple of years) means more awareness. Then, as technology and appeal increases, slowly nudge the prices back up to where they “should be”.

    Just an idea, anyway

  14. Makes the 6 a damn good buy if you ask me!

    Back to the same old point though. It will only help sales if the offer is promoted – even if only within the local of the 29 dealers.

    All this debate about the 6’s low sales! The minute sales are down to the lack of promotion – simple! Very high sales may be prevented by the car itself ( namely the class it’s in). However, more respectable sales could easily be achieved by informing the buying public of its existence and the dealer network growing on the back of this.

  15. Jez, above –

    Personally, I think the 6 interior looks better as it is. Those wood inserts look more Vauxhall ‘CD’ spec than Rover and don’t really fit with the architecture of the dash.

  16. Glenn @ 12

    This always surprises me. Cumbria seemed to be a strong Austin Rover, Rover, MGR support base. You’d think at least one of the former dealers would be keen to devote a corner of their showroom to MG – come on Edgars!!

    On the Wirral, where I now live, you’d think Windsors (the former Rover,MGR dealer would also be relatively keen to sell MG. I remember around 12 months after MGR had ‘gone under’ there was still a 45 taking pride of place in the now Nissan showroom. Still, I suppose we do have an MG UK dealer nearby in Chester.

  17. @ 27

    I agree , that the cream interior with fake wood looks so much better than the black hole that the 6 is. Atleast give the punters a choice of interior colour ! Does the UK have the auto option ? We dont have an auto option or interior options in New Zealand , hence I have never seen a new MG 6 in this country yet.Not really good enough in this day and age !!!

  18. @27 – this is much nicer, there is a Roewe at Longbridge and it’s interior looks much more inviting than the MG6, that said the MG6 interior is okay, but they should offer this as well.

  19. £7,500 for a 61 plate looks ALMOST attractive if you were in the market for something that size. The big worry would be getting it serviced and repaired. In particular, parts availability could kill the car off very early in the event of a minor collision.

    I haven’t even driven past an MG dealer recently that I can recall and I do 20k miles per year all over the UK. They are not popular enough to be attractive to the aftermarket and pattern parts companies unlike the Rover where there is a thriving industry in pattern parts and service items.

    I for one would not like to take the risk with my money when I can pick up an ’09 Mondeo or Insignia diesel for the same money.

  20. From a sample of the above replies, it seems MG really cannot do right for doing wrong:

    “It’s too expensive” – “now it’s too cheap, depreciation will suffer”- “what about the poor people who’ve already bought one” – “I’d have had one if they’d done it 3 months ago”….

    Honestly folks, is it any wonder MG don’t seem to know what to do for the best with the MG6.

    One thing is for sure, if MG didn’t have UK stock sat around, they;d have pulled the plug (on the 6) some time ago.

  21. i’m half tempted with a secondhand 6. I have been looking at replacing my 2003 Kia in the near future and if I went for a 6 then I would be getting a much newer car with fewer miles on it than pretty much anything else I could get. As long as the 3 is a success then MG should stick around so getting parts shouldnt be a problem. I guess you would just have to import body panels and stuff from China

  22. Their are now fifteen MG6’S FOR sale at Motorpoint for £6999.

    Now that’s what i call a bargain.

  23. Body panels are as easy to purchase for this car as they are for a Fiesta of the same year, all PAS 125 compliant and are sourced from X part.

  24. @30 Kiwimike: I’ve seen the MG6 demonstrators getting around Christchurch previously, including the bronze one that Dave Moore road tested, but last week I had my very first sighting of what might conceivably be a privately owned 6. A silver GT (I think), it came past me on the other side of the new southern motorway. Looked nice. It’s a handsome car in the flesh, if nothing else.

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