MG6 : New Saloon and Sports versions unveiled at Auto Guangzhou 2010

Words: Clive Goldthorp Photographs: Ash Sutcliffe/China Car Times

The fast MG6 sporting a very BMW M-Power paint livery
The fast MG6 sporting a very BMW M-Power paint livery

The new MG3 was not the only new MG model to appear on the MG stand at Auto Guangzhou today – SAIC Motor/MG also unveiled the Roewe 550-based MG6 Saloon and a revised version of the TEIN-badged MG6 Fastback which was first seen at the Chengdu Motor Show in China last September.

The Chinese market versions of the MG6 Saloon will feature the same 1.8DVVT and 1.8T engines as the existing MG6 Fastback and Roewe 550. However, the new model differs from the latter in having a new front end and updated rear light clusters. Ash Sutcliffe of China Car Times says that “the results are amazing and really make the Roewe 550 look like a fresh car…

Any AROnline readers who have already seen our MG3: Making a low-key debut at Auto Guangzhou 2010 story will know that MG Motor UK Limited’s Sales and Marketing Director, Guy Jones, held a “Live and Online” session on Facebook today. Mr. Jones was asked to confirm the availability of the MG6 Saloon in the UK and said “Yes, I am delighted to confirm that MG will launch a second new model in 2011 – the four-door MG6 Sports Saloon. We are really excited about this second new car as it offers a highly desirable sports saloon at a price which should also be very affordable in the current market. The Sports Saloon will be available in the second half of the year in time for the September market.”

Guy Jones also confirmed that MG Motor UK intends to launch the diesel version of the MG6 12 months after the launch of the petrol-engined model – by our reckoning, in March or April, 2012. However, giving a clear indication of the company’s initial target market for the MG6, he added,”with the recent increases in the price of diesel, we are seeing an increase in interest in the petrol model from private buyers who do not use their vehicles for high mileage.”

The new MG6 Saloon was accompanied by an updated version of the TEIN-badged MG6 Fastback mentioned above. SAIC Motor do not, as yet, appear to have released any information about  the modifications which have clearly been made to the car or the role of Japanese company, TEIN INC, in the development process. Any speculation about whether or not this version of the MG6 presages MG’s return to the British Touring Car Championship would therefore probably be premature but, according to our colleague at China Car Times, the car certainly looks the part…

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Now that’s more like what an MG saloon should be (shades of the ZS?)! I hope the chin spoiler will be a separately replacable item in any production road car since it’s bound to get bashed on kerbs!

  2. The Sports version of the MG6 looks superb. Let’s hope that MG Motor are planning to put a hot, performance version of the MG6 into production – that could be a refreshing alternative to the VW Golf GTi.

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