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Keith Adams

MG GS (1)

MG Motor UK’s new Qashqai rival, the sharp-looking GS SUV, is now testing in the UK, and sporting Birmingham number plates. The car, which was snapped by AROnline reader, Steve Webb, on the M42 last week, is powered by a GM/SAIC 1.5-litre engine according to DVLA registration data – although we rather hope it’s actually sporting the promising 2.0-litre turbo that powers the launch models in China.

MG Motor UK is remaining tight-lipped about when the GS will arrive in the UK, even if it has confirmed that it will be coming in 2016. Current thinking is that it will arrive in the third quarter, but we hope that it’s sooner. The likelihood is that the car will be imported wholescale from China and will run on chassis settings honed for the UK market. The car will be needed if MG Motor UK’s plan to expand in its ‘home’ market are to be realised through a dealership network expected to rise by 50 per cent by the time of the GS’s launch.


(Photo: Simon Feagan)


Want a closer look? Visit the MG Motor UK showroom in Piccadilly


Keith Adams


  1. That does look sharp, it has a hint of the new Jeep Cherokee at the rear, I do hope that when its time to launch MG pull their finger out and actually promote the thing.

    It’s a very competitive market out there for SUV’s and MG need to have this car plastered all over the TV, BILLBOARDS Magazines etc weeks if not months in advance.
    I would say it’s nearest rival will be the Kia Sportage so pricing will be crucial.

    • I’d say the Sportage is one of the more stylish and desirable cars in this sector and is closer to the Toyota and Honda competitors, starting at 17.5k. No way MG can price its entry level model that high.

      MG should be looking at the Dacia Duster for pricing guidance, around 12-13k.

      Agree with you they need to really market this car aggressively. If they price it right and advertise it well, it could do well. Young families will buy anything so long as it’s a crossover and it’s cheap.

    • They never said it was the same engine as the MG 3.Just that it was a 1.5 motor.All in all I think it looks good.Should be interesting to see the UK version.

  2. I confess Steve Webb’s photo momentarily threw me – was MG’s new SUV the slab-sided pantechnicon in the left-hand lane or the one closest to the camera?

  3. I’m afraid all I can say is that it looks neither more nor less hideous than its competitors, but then that is not saying much . That having been said, the horizontal crease on the rear elevation takes some explanation : is it functional , ( and if so, why ) or merely a styling feature ?

  4. Detailing is lacking, in one of (if not the) toughest segment of the market, everything counts to get a sale… Hopefully an aggressive price list ( 13K upwards seems a good start) and good finance deals may help(less than £200/pm)… No mention of a diesel engine, will the 1.9 TD be available? It should be, right from the start, fashion is the word and Kia is renewing the sportage already… Good luck though, hope it will help MG out of the shadow…

  5. I thought this website was about British built cars. Why do we keep seeing articles on Chinese made products. I’d rather see an article on the Honda Civic.

  6. Agreed Nige.

    These cheap tacky products are simply awful and reduce the value of what was once a fine brand with core values and world wide respect to “Primark” status.

    Look at the history and heritage and then see some of the utter rubbish that is now wearing the badge.

    For me, personally, it is embarrassing.

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