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Keith Adams

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Due to the continuing success and growth of the AROnline Facebook page, we’ve set-up a new sister group to highlight all of the interesting BMC>MGR (and other) cars for sale in and around the Internet. The AROnline Showroom & Gallery was launched last week, with the sole intention of showcasing the cars you’ve spotted and getting them out to our readers in an easy to understand way.

The existing Facebook page has nearly 5000 members, and continues. It will concentrate on general BMC>MGR chat, as well as actively encouraging the irreverent postings you like to bring us on a daily basis. It’s taken over from where the forum used to be and so the splitting off of the selling area will make topics easier to navigate. Of course, you can always interact here, too, but it’s nice to have a greater choice…

Keith Adams
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  1. And what do those of us who are not into facetwit do?! I thought the point of social mejia was to give more choice and easier access? This makes less choice and more difficult access.

  2. Facebook undertake a great deal of parasitic surveillance on their users, gathering information, creating profiles which are used for marketing purposes, Let us resist the “The Inter-Tele-Marketing-net” It is our Internet, devised and paid for from public taxation.

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