XPart: AutoService Centres continue to support K-Series-engined cars


A comprehensive K-Series engine maintenance and repair service from XPart is helping MG Rover, Lotus Elise and Caterham owners to keep their cars running for longer. The company’s nationwide network of MG Rover specialist repairers draws on its strong knowledge and experience of servicing K-Series engines together with the latest head gasket repair kits from XPart to carry out high quality repairs.

XPart AutoService centre technicians are increasingly conducting K-Series engine repairs using the company’s ‘ultimate’ MLS Head Gasket Kit (part number ZUA000530), which comprises a strengthened lower oil rail and head bolt set. XPart AutoService centre Sterling Automotive Limited has completed more than 400 repairs to K-Series engines since 2007, with no reports of failure.

‘We tackle the root cause of any K-Series head gasket issue and ensure that the fix we recommend helps to prevent any reoccurrence of the problem,” explains Patrick Warner, Managing Director, Sterling Automotive Limited. ‘We use XPart’s MLS Head Gasket Kit for virtually every repair. Additionally, we address many of the causes of coolant leaks and install a coolant level sensor kit to detect any subsequent drop in coolant levels.”

XPart recently revealed that MG Rover cars produced post-2000 have only declined by three percent in the past 12 months, despite the factory closure in 2005. The company has worked hard over the past five years to ensure that MG and Rover owners still have access to specialist servicing, genuine parts and dealer level support via its 250-strong MG Rover AutoService centres.

‘Customers selecting a comprehensive service and repair option for K-Series engines enjoy reassurance and peace of mind that their car will keep running for longer,” comments Barry Smith, UK Sales Manager, XPart. ‘High quality repairs help to boost their confidence and reduce the depreciation value of their car.”

[Source: XPart]

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Hi, I have emulsion in the expansion tank of my 02 Elise, looks like I will need the head gasket doing. Can you quote for the job please. No over heating has occured.

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