News : AROnline car stickers still available (gallery coming soon…)

Craig Cheetham

It’s the most miserable time of year for postmen and women across the UK, so AROnline thought we’d add to it…

Thanks to Benny Adams - the AROnline dealer sticker looks very smart indeed in an early R8 214
Thanks to Benny Adams – the AROnline dealer sticker looks very smart indeed in an early R8 214

Back in the day, of course, old postie would have been more than happy for the extra work, as the Christmas rush was the perfect excuse to stick a few more miles on the Sherpa, or the Moggie Minor with rubber wings.

Today, though, my local postie drives a Fiat Doblo. Hardly a paragon of British engineering, so let’s make it work harder for a living by loading it up with AROnline car stickers.

They’ve already received a massive response, with stickers travelling as far afield as Holland, Belgium, France and Australia. And they look great in situ, as AROnline stalwart supporter Ben Adams has illustrated by sticking one in the window of his G-reg 214 and sending us this rather fine picture.

A gallery of vehicles sporting their AROnline stickers is coming soon (just as soon as I have more than two vehicles to put in it, so please send your pictures to

Getting your stickers is simple. Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to AROnline Sticker Giveaway, 4 New Road, Chatteris, Cambs PE16 6BJ and wait with baited breath until the postman arrives. Then send me a picture by return, so I can put the gallery up in the New Year.

Of course, this doesn’t work if you live overseas, so as this is not a data collection exercise, and more of a seasonal gift from AROnline to you, its loyal followers, if you can’t lay your hands on British postage, feel free to send me an envelope anyway, and include some pointless car-related tat from your country of origin – I’d be more than happy with that.

I’ll also be taking the stickers to various classic car shows throughout 2015, but they’ll be massively fashionable by then, so you’ll have to bid for them…

Merry Christmas etc, from the AROnline team.

Craig Cheetham


  1. Craig, I shall get you an envelope of forthwith, however it will be after the Christmas rush seeing as it’s almost last posting day.

  2. The stickers still look great in my ZR Craig – they add a certain something, make my car stand out (even) more.

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