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Keith Adams

Longbridge Mini (1)

It’s been the site’s busiest year so far – with more pages added, and more visitors coming to read them than ever before. If nothing else, it proves that there’s as much interest in the British car industry now as there’s ever been… and rightly so. There’s certainly been plenty going on – and here are the top 10 news stories, by number of readers, for your enjoyment.

1: Final Mini leaves Longbridge

Truly one of the more interesting stories to emerge in 2012, as a Mini enthusiast drags out the shell of a crumpled Clubman for a future restoration. Never has the restore vs preserve argument raged to fiercely.

2: Rover P8 breaks cover at the Heritage Motor Centre

We knew it existed, but had never seen it in the flesh. So imagine our disappointment when we see the Rover P8 for the first time looking bent and dishevelled by the bins of the Heritage Motor Centre. They’ve since confirmed its restoration starts in 2013.

3: Backbone of Britain breaks cover

We scoop the new Ford Transit doing what it does best in the outside lane of the M25.

4: Morris Ital time capsule for sale

Celebrated second-hand BL vendor extraordinaire, The Doctor, finds a near-zero mileage Morris Ital, and offers it up on eBay. It realises a good, stiff price, too…

5: Range Rover L405 picture clears

The most scooped car of 2012 – the fourth generation Range Rover – is spotted on the M40 and gives us the excuse to speculate on its specification. We were pretty much on the money, too.

6: First MG6 crosses the block in the UK

MG6 hits the auction scene in January, and fails to excite the buyers.

7: Production ready MG5 spotted in China

MG’s new Golf-rival blows its covers early, and sparks furious debate over its styling.

8: Pre-1960 cars to be MoT exempt

The government announces that pre-1960 cars will no longer require an MoT from November. Lots of hurrumphing from the classic car press ensues, but the law comes to pass, and the world continues to turn.

9: Yema F12 takes Maestro platform further…

Another Chinese facelift of the cast-off Maestro platform proves once again that you can’t keep a good car down.

10: MG5 latest images break cover on Facebook

More debate over the me-too styling of the MG5, and its future model development. Most people ask – when will we see it in UK dealers? And will it mean that the company will turn the corner here?

MG5 combines the new 'family' look of the 3 and 6
MG5 combines the new ‘family’ look of the 3 and 6
Keith Adams


  1. From this angle that Mini shell doesn’t look nearly so unsalvagable. Looks pretty much worth restoring to me.

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