News : Astra range gets a smart new look

Vauxhall's UK-built Astra receives a mid-life facelift for a sharper look.
Vauxhall’s UK-built Astra receives a mid-life facelift for a sharper look.

These are the first official pictures of the revised British-built Astra Hatch and Sports Tourer, along with the latest addition to the GTC range, the 193bhp BiTurbo diesel model.

Available to order now, with first deliveries in September, the refreshed design of the Astra Hatch and Sports Tourer – both of which are built at Ellesmere Port – gives the cars a more bold and aggressive appearance. Both body styles get a new front grille, with repositioned logo-bar in the upper section and a re-styled lower section too. New front indicator lamps and a new design of fog lamp (where fitted) complete the front-end revisions.

The rear of both models has also been refreshed, with new rear-panel styling complemented by a chrome lower moulding. New-look Astra pricing remains unchanged from the previous model.

Also available is the Astra GTC 2.0CDTi BiTurbo, which will become the most powerful non-VXR model in the range, producing 193bhp. And while the extra power and torque give it a healthy lift in performance with 0-60mph in 7.8secs and a maximum speed of 139mph, the BiTurbo still achieves a combined 53.3mpg and C02 emissions of 139g/km. All BiTurbos receive Vauxhall’s Start/Stop system as standard.

Uniquely in this class, the GTC uses a sequential turbocharging system, with the smaller turbo accelerating quickly at lower speeds to eliminate lag. In the mid-range, both turbochargers work together. The Astra GTC BiTurbo enters the range at £23,925 – a premium of £995 over the GTC 2.0 CDTi 161bhp model – but in addition to extra power and torque, receives: bespoke 18in alloys, Electronic Climate Control, 6mm lower ride-height, a new body-kit and ‘Track’ interior trim, with a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel.

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  1. Oh, I quite like that red one. Eeep. Go away Vauxhalls, stop being appealing, it’s bad enough there’s an incoming Cavalier.

  2. This generation of Astras is the first well-styled one since (arguably) the Mk2. Particularly like the estate styling. Usually Vauxhall styling is a bit messy, or very bland and anonymous, or both- and then Vauxhall comes out with some kind of inane statement about how their styling is designed with ‘down the road’ appeal, ie, it would stay looking good for years to come- something that never came to fruition.

    With this car, Vauxhall has nothing to apologise for (styling wise). Although the glass roof on the coupe does look a bit odd- a bit like a middle aged bloke with a very receeding hairline!

  3. Hard to believe this range has a griffin on the snout. Ford really are behind now in the styling stakes. The current Focus looks rather bland, especially compared to this lot. These have the ‘wow factor’. If the folks in Ellesmere Port screw the things together properly, I think the term ‘full of win’ springs to mind

  4. And any of those cars above could stand next to an A3 and still look better,off these pictures alone they ooze quality,whereas the focus is humdrum.What are ford doing?

  5. My favourite is the saloon

    It wont be available in the UK, but Ireland might get it if they play their cards right.

  6. I too like the saloon, but the boot looks like it isn’t that big, assuming there is a spare wheel underneath- although I accept that looks can be very deceptive.

    Shame they didn’t do what Skoda did with the Superb- and made it a hybrid saloon and hatch. That would have given the best of both worlds.

  7. The saloon will go down a storm in the the former eastern bloc countries-they even have clio saloons and if im charitable look horrific!

  8. This looks like a “mild” revision which is just as well as the current Astra is already pretty good looking. As for the new Focus, I agree it could have been made to look a bit better.

    In late 2009 I saw a FORD prototype photo image of the MK3 and that looked good (front like a larger Fiesta, with Mondeo style cabin & rear end). I was disappointed with the actual car they produced and am only warming to it a bit, now that more are appearing on the roads.

  9. The body of Astra is designed and built to be totally rust free for a minimum of 12 years. Sadly GM will not put their name to the gurantee for fear of warranty costs a dozen years down the line and instead it comes with an industry standard 6 years. My point it this; this British mid-ranger will still be looking good long into its retirement.

    • I speak from the future – and it doesnt! By the way whats British about it? Its as German as Bratwurst and sauerkraut or a VW Golf.

  10. Shame the interior is so naff. Compare the Astra interior to the Insignia’s and it loses hands down. Also the doors sound like there made of tin when they are shut – again compare to the Insignia it feels cheap. Shame becuase if they could get the same standard as its bigger sister then it would be class leading. It might not go round corners like a Focus but it rides and looks a lot better, and least has some style over the formulaic Golf. I want the VXR Coupe or the BiTurbo Diesel – that engine goes like stink!

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