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Keith Adams

Land Rover Discovery 4 with HSE Luxury pack

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is continuing its slow move upmarket with the arrival of further high-end model derivatives.  The HSE becomes available exclusively to the UK for the 2013 model year. It’s based upon the 3.0-litre 252bhp LR-SDV6 HSE, but the HSE Luxury derivative adds much needed comfort features, such as the Harmon/Kardon LOGIC 7 surround sound audio system and rear seat entertainment, whilst the interior is made even more luxurious with the addition of the Extended Leather Pack.

Also new is a Black Design Pack with  20in all-black painted wheels and a host of black trim finishers and design details such as gloss black grille and front wing vents. There are five additional body colours, and two new interior colours and trim enhancements, offering customers an even greater opportunity to personalise their car.

The infotainment system has been upgraded to include the latest generation DAB radio and a new digital TV tuner, whilst the navigation system now comes with premium features such as Off-Road guidance and 4×4 interface as standard. The 252bhp 3.0-litre LR-SDV6 continues to power the Discovery 4 with the ZF 8HP70 eight-speed automatic transmission, producing CO2 emissions of 230g/km and 224g/km respectively. A 211PS 3.0 litre engine continues to be available for commercial derivatives.

Clearly, the Disco 4 is chasing upmarket on the heels of the impressive new L405 generation Range Rover, with Freelander following in its wake, opening up a new entry-level slot for the DC100-based concept in 2014.

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  1. “opening up a new entry-level slot for the DC100-based concept in 214”

    That’s the worry – the current Defender does not fit into the vehicle family in that way. It is perpendicular to the rest of them.


  2. hey with The 252bhp 3.0-litre LR-SDV6 on tap its probably still quicker than my 4.0 disco II V8! also My disco II (was) fitted withthe two zone-channel stereo system with headphone connectors in the back for the kids so they can listen to something else, but ive repaced the Lr stereo with somethign else, and now the rear head phone dont work. but hey sometimes its nice to hear from the kids…..and in a discovery there is so much to see outside the car – because you can! alex

  3. Fender vents??? Surely you mean wing vents, unless there is an electric guitar on board. How many ci under the hood? Yo.

  4. Earlier today I was in traffic behind 2 different Discoveries at different times.

    The first was a mk1, raised with chunky off road tyres, the running boards taken off, looking like it was ready to do business. The sticker on the back “The best 4kin 4x4xfar” amused me.

    The second was a Disco 3/4 (I really can’t tell the difference…) doing the school run. Didn’t seem capable of keeping in lane, went through a red light and I lost it.

    Had more respect for the first one I saw. But it just shows how the Disco has moved “up” to be an almost-but-not-quite Range Rover. Though does it slot in between the Evoque and the Sport?

  5. If it is “available exclusively to the UK for the 2013 model year” why do the pics show it as a Left Hand Drive model?

  6. I got the impression that the HSE Luxury derivative was first previewed on the 4th April 2012 at the New York Auto Show. Therefore, why unveil this new version of the Discovery range “exclusively for the UK market” at this particular event?

    Unless there are plans to unveil the same derivative (or a similar one) in the North American market, there clearly seems to be a lack of logic in the annoucement of it.

  7. My dealer lent me a poverty spec Disco 4 for 24 hours around 6 months ago and I’d have been very happy to keep that one!

    These really are very nice vehicles (even the scum bag ones) and only the fact that I simply can’t afford it stops me from buying one! 😉

  8. While driving near Gaydon at the weekend I saw a development Disco with camoflaged headlamp and tail light clusters, plus a redesigned front bumper which resembled the one on the new Range Rover/Sport/Evoque. I presume this updated version will be making its appearance soon.

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