Video : Jaguar F-Type has arrived!

Keith Adams

We’ve already given you the gen on the new F-Type – the car that hopes to turn Jaguar into a mainstream sports car manufacturer again. But we thought we’d show you this video of the car in action, just to show you how good it looks in motion, rather in plain old static imagery.

The feedback from AROnline readers has been mixed so far – there have been some grumbles that it’s a little more expensive than they were hoping and weight hasn’t been as contained as much as you’d like considering there’s an all-new aluminium understructure. However, we don’t care right now, because the car looks fantastic and sounds absolutely amazing on the road. Mind you, don’t take our word for that – enjoy it for yourselves.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn up your speakers!

Keith Adams


  1. “…there’s an all-new aluminium understructure” is there? I thought it was a shortened XK platform. Still, what do I know?

  2. mmm decisions,decisions…..

    Ermm, Can I have the one in the middle please? – the one wearing the hat?

  3. If you’d told me 10 years ago that Jaguar would start making cars aimed at people who didn’t have high blood pressure, I’d have said “LIES, LIES ALL LIES, YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD!”

    Thank God they have though, and that F-Type! I now have high blood pressure but only in an undisclosed part of my anatomy!

  4. @DeLorean’s accountant…

    The actual words from a friend who worked on the project are: ‘Anyone expecting simply a shortened X150 ought to be pleasantly surprised, it’s massively different. For evidence, hunt for the washer bottle!’

    Having said that, if you know different, I’m all ears 🙂

  5. We’ve waited 37 years for the F Type. Is this it?!

    After the game changer the E-Type was, I think that the fact that we’ve only had 8 posts in 3 days says quite a lot. I know that not being built in China may limit interest on this site, but even so I fear that it might have little impact elsewhere.

  6. Whatever we think Jaguar sold only 53,000 or so odd cars in the last year. Land ROVER sold at least five times this quantity. Whilst I commend Tata’s commitment to the marque in existing models and investment, the fact it that unless the F-type is a success and they bring in a successful BMW 3 series / Mercedes C Class competitor what the future would hold. If they succeed then you’re looking at 100,000-125,000 cars a year. With their excellent engineering and numbers sold these cars will be far more exclusive than the German makes. If they fail then by 2020 I suspect we’ll be talking about LandROVER/RangeROVER only.

    I’ll get off the fence I think the Indian’s will do it – good luck to them!

  7. It’s a nice car but would look even better with a few less vents in the front bumper and a proper oval main grille

  8. I like it and wish it the best of British.

    The only question is: how will they keep stimulating interest (and sales) of the more profitable XK line-up when there will be some price overlap between the two ranges?

  9. Problem is to be a true E-type sucessor it has to be £42K, and faster than a veyron, in short the cost of 4 basic minis and the fatest production car of its day just as the E-Tyope was in 1961

  10. A very nice car indeed, but a lot of money for a toy. Can we have an MGB successor now please, at about 50% of the price of the F-Type?

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