News : Jaguar C-X16 set to steal Frankfurt

Keith Adams

It’s the longed-for new sports car that Jaguar enthusiasts have been hoping the company would build since the death of the E-type in 1975. The C-X16 concept will be shown to the public for the first time at the IAA in Frankfurt on 13 September, and from the accompanying images, it’s likely to be the overall star of the show. But behind the show pomp, it must be remembered that the C-X16 is a concept (based on a shortened XK, no less), and that any production derivative is still at least three years from general sale.

But that’s the important point to note – a Jaguar sports car will be going on sale in 2014 – its maker is as confident as it ever as been, and under Tata, has the backing and support denied in the past. The show car specification reads rather exotically, but a subsequent production version, tipped to be called the XE (or logically X16) will no doubt be closely related to what Jaguar is describing as a  supercharged 3-litre V6 and Formula 1-style hybrid system, with a combined power output of around 470bhp.

C-X16’s proposed V6 is actually a development of the 5-litre V8 currently found in the XF, XJ and XK, and will utilise direct-injection technology and a twin-vortex supercharger to provide a power output of 375bhp with a 165g/km CO2 figure. It needs to be efficient, as Jaguar still lags behin its German rivals in some of those most important figures. The hybrid system is an integral part of the car’s eight-speed transmission, and it draws power from a battery pack located behind the seats (this is a strict two-seater).

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, commented: ‘Jaguars have always been dramatically different. With the C-X16 we have moved the current award-winning design language on to the next generation, creating a car that is the very essence of future Jaguar performance.’

But the big question is: Is this the rebirth of the E-type, or with this car will Jaguar finally emerge from the shadow of its 50 year old icon? What do you think?



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  1. There’s lots to like in these concept images of the C-X16 and I hope it reaches production along the lines of the current design. Sadly I’m never likely to be in the market for such a car but am interested in seeing Jaguar’s future aspiration. Still think they need to build a replacement for the X-Type too!

  2. Let’s see if it is launched…

    Too many false dawns from Jaguar about E-Type replacements.

    Sorry to be cynical and I hope I’m wrong..

  3. I think its a foregone conclusion that it will be built. Jaguar have openly said their next model will be a small sports car and there have been plenty of photographs published of cut and shut XK’s clothing the new cars mechanicals. Whether its a spiritual successor for the E type or not, who cares! Its absulutely fantastic. JLR are on a roll!

  4. Excuse the language, f***ing stunning! A little bit of Nissan GTR/370 around the nose but otherwise bang on. If the Evoque is anything to go by this should reach production pretty much unmolested, JLR learnt their lesson with the XF concept.

    I can see this selling out well before production starts – more good news for UK manufacturing.

  5. I think the front of this is a bit too brutal for a Jag, and the front of the new LR Defender concept isn’t brutal enough.

  6. p.s. If this is the new Jaguar is there really any point in Aston-Martin any more? Should TATA take them on before Mercedes does?

  7. @Paul o’Neill – I think the front is a little unresolved but I have seen photographs on other sites where it almost resembles a docile kitten (to me!). “Brutal” is too strong in my book, “purposeful and confident” is the message I get – ready to take the Germans head on.

  8. After studying the images closely I have to say that this is a rather comprehensive concept car in that it goes way beyond the usual ‘all show, little substance’ approach of most concept cars, including from Jaguar. Even the interior has a real sense of cohesion about its design which would require very little in the way of modification to enable it to become a production reality.

    I am guessing that the speculated “XE” sports car will be very closely linked to what we are seeing here, with only minimal changes to the styling (if they are needed).

  9. Yes please.
    The engine is interesting as well, not so much for the UK and Europe where diesel reigns, but elsewhere, where petrol engines rule, this new 3L V6 will presumably go in the XF, XJ, Discovery etc

  10. I agree: too aggressive to be an E-Type replacement. But it is nice. I’ll have one, but I’m unlikely to ever occupy that part of the marketplace.

  11. I must agree with the “stunning” and “gorgeous”! Fantastic-looking car. In terms of likeness, I see some Fisker similarities on the outside and surprisingly a bit of Aston Martin in the interior (and exterior doorhandles). I absolutely love the new grille.

  12. Fantastic concept. I was hoping that Jaguar were going to take the Boxter head on and price it from 40k, but looks like they are going for 50k plus which puts it close to the current XK8. This could limit the market potential. Jaguar always used to undercut the Germans now they seem to be 25% more expensive. Why when labour rates in the UK are so low compared to Germany?? I hope I am proven wrong.

  13. Ok, lets get one thing straight, it is not and never will be an E-Type replacement, the XJ-S replaced the E, the XK8 was the replacement for the XJ-S and the current XK replaced the XK8.

    The C-X16 will be built as you see it, with a few minor tweaks, the 75 will be built as is, again with just a few minor tweaks, the XT will be built, next year will see a concept of this, it will look like a more sharper XF, the lines will be more sharp rather than curved on the current F.

    I have been told that next year will also see an XFC and XFW, the wagon has been a long awaited model and the coupe will be surprising in its looks…….

  14. Hi JagBoy,

    I agree fully. I’m already tired of the ‘new E-type’ cliches, when Jaguar’s vitally important new coupe will set itself up as a whole new generation of Jaguar sports cars.

    The other new car information was very interesting. What does ‘the 75 will be built as is, again with just a few minor tweaks’ refer to? 🙂


  15. It looks good and needs to go beyond beiong a modern E-type.
    Any ‘tweaks’ are probably down to productionising against this concept car. Jaguar sales seem to struggle to go beyond a certain level. The new image, current XF, XJ go a long way but they need to expand the range to bring in more new customers. This vehicle,an X type replacement need to do that along with expansion in Asia or Jaguar will remain a niche player in the market.

  16. Shame about the goofy nose and crude backside. Why drop the oval intake when it’s only been used on three production cars? Throwing away such a trademark is sheer vanity on Mr Callum’s part.

    Porsche apply the same old nose to everything they make and nobody questions it – mind you, Porsches are goofy looking thigs too..

    At least the production car will lose the worst of the naff aero-kit and other tinsle, but wouldn’t it be a strange twist if some aftermarket tuner fixes those Nissan lights and Maserati grille with a proper Jaguar nose job?

  17. Good looking car that should do well for them.

    X type replacement with the wow factor of the Evoque is needed to truly uplift volume though

  18. Sorry but I just can’t excited about this. It’s possibly the Nissan Z snout that’s putting me off – I agree that the oval intake should have been preserved.

    The styling just doesn’t shout “Jaguar” loud enough for me although the side-opening tailgate is a nice if slightly contrived touch. Sorry Mr Callum but I reckon the current XK8 is more more complete design.

  19. Yes sorry Keith, the C-X75, is what i was referring to..

    I will say if you thought this was good… you just wait till next year

  20. Saw this in the flesh on Wednesday at the LCV show held at rockingham raceway. Not impressed. It reminds me of an XK8 with a serious weight problem, or what would happen if you dosed the Allegro line with an excess of testosterone.
    In other news got to drive the Ford Transit Connect electric on the track, more wallowy than a tired Farina, but it really shifted. Still think pure battery hybrids are an utter waste of time, money & energy at the moment, but I was actually impressed.

  21. XT a slightly unfortunate name – brings back memories of large beige boxes from 1981. If history repeats it’ll be slow, expensive and crash every time there’s an R in the month.

  22. @ JEMMA, what you saw was NOT the C-X16, it was the C-X75, that car is a large supercar in the same vain as the XJ220, but with hybrid power, as for being an XK8, there is nothing to compare to the XK8, in mechanicals or looks.

    The C-X16 gets it first real public airing in Frankfurt

  23. This car is pleasant to the eye. It looks modern, aggressive enough for low-end suppercar, and I agree with some comments: a soft-top version would boost both desireability and sales. 50K price-tag is a bit steep when compared to the Cayman…Time will tell, I see this car as a 2 seaters sports car, just like the E-type AND XK120 were. Any comparison with the launched 50 years ago E-type is futile.

  24. Thats odd Jagboy, seeing as it was signed as the model 16 not the 75, looks identical to the car in the pic, and I saw it with my own eyes last Wednesday.
    I had not until this point seen a Jaguar that I wouldnt like to own, up to and including the XF. There are some things that worry me though and thats their increasing technomancy. The more things you put on a car that can go wrong, the more likely it is to go wrong, that in my opinion is a bad thing, for the consumer because he/she will end up paying for it, and for the environment, because the life of the vehicle will be limited (and before you howl “but its built with green materials, remember the part where to replace it you have to expend energy whatever its built with) and therefore will have a shorter total lifespan and therefore a shorter replacement cycle.
    It was also interesting at LCV how blinkered some of the people involved seem to be. An example was a exhibitor showing what was basically a model aircraft turbojet as a range extender. Knowing a little about such things I asked him questions why they are not being used as the primary mover – and was told that jet engines arent suitable for that, as was proved by the Rover cars in the 1960s. He was most put out when I mentioned the Chrysler cars of the same period, that were so efficient and nice to drive, that one of the people who was given one to test threatened to sue Chrysler when they wouldnt let him have it permanantly – even when he offered a reasonable sum for it. Another leaf taken out of BL’s book there methinks, aka lets see how many customers we can offend today.
    Its amazing how blinkered the hybrid car scene is. Once people have picked their horse they ride the poor thing into the ground, and dont be the person to contradict them. Then theres how the flybrid people dont talk to the petrol/electric people, who loathe the sight of the pureEVites. And heaven forfend that you explain reality to the people who are selling what amounts to a FIAT 600 microbus with a 20hp electric motor for the mindhurting price of £35,000…

  25. Not sure what you saw jemma but it was not the C-X16, it has it’s world premier in Frankfurt, this i have confirmed with Jaguar PR

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