News : Jaguar XKR-S Convertible unveiled

Keith Adams

Jaguar XKR-S Convertible joins the open-topped supercar set
Jaguar XKR-S Convertible joins the open-topped supercar set

We’ve already driven the Jaguar XKR-S, and came away from the experience wondering who’d really want to buy an Aston Martin, such was its monstrous all-round ability. It’s a predictable move to add a convertible version to the range, as Jaguar continues to build cars people actually want – and reap profit and success rewards as a consequence. But what of the £100K 180mph-plus XKR-S?

As the fastest-ever open-topped Jaguar, the 542bhp 502lb ft XKR-S has a lot to live up to. In terms of performance figures it benchmarks at 186mph and 4.2secs from 0-60mph, but as we know, it’s how the performance is delivered, and with such mid-range torque, big speeds come effortlessly. It’s an addictive beast.

The styling follows the XKR-S coupe, with its new, deeper bumper, sporting Graham Hill-style sideburns (well, they’re air intakes, but you know what we mean), and carbonfibre air dams. It’s lowered, too, by 10mm.

So, welcome the UK’s latest entry to the open-topped supercar club.


Keith Adams


  1. I think it’s great now Jaguar are free of the shackles of Ford not letting them build these cars so they’d not wipe out Aston sales, and as much as I like A-M, I think I’d rather have the Jaaaaaaaaaaag.

  2. When I get one of these, it will be referred to either as “the XK” or a “Jag-u-ar”. Jags are what Arthur Daley drove.

  3. I’m not watching that video, but if it’s anything like Clarkson’s “Cosseh” thing, I refuse to be associated with such things – I may find myself going off the idea of owning a Jaguar and have to seek out a Bristol instead!

  4. Judging by the picture it appears as if Jaguar Cars has addressed my earlier concern – they are now offering it in more than just two colours. That definitely makes it a very appealing car!

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