News : Land Rover showcases Series and Defender at Goodwood Revival

Keith Adams

Land Rover

For all those lucky enough to have tickets to the Goodwood Revival (11-13 September), there’s the opportunity to see Land Rover celebrate the Series and Defender in the run-up to the end of production later this year.

The engineering bloodline that links the original Land Rover Series 1 with the Defender will be celebrated in a special presentation and displays, which include re-creations of key elements from the development of the original. These include drawing board plans and an early pre-production chassis.

A Series 1 will be shown tilted at 45 degrees, demonstrating the unprecedented capabilities it brought to the market, and the team manning the display will be dressed in replica engineering smocks worn by the 1940s production workers. The culmination of the presentation is the latest Defender Autobiography, a model that brings together the robust qualities of the original with contemporary design features.

Land Rover owners will be taking part in a daily parade of more than 50 pre-1966 Series models, including many special conversions with unique body styles, and will be on static display on Lavant Bank for the rest of the event. The vehicles, which all descend from the famous pre-production vehicle number one HUE 166 (above), are believed to be the largest number of pre-production vehicles ever seen in motion.

Land Rover Autobiography


Keith Adams

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  1. Keith – what news of a Defender replacement, if any? A cursory search on the web only brings up old articles or undated ones – both useless.

    Anyone would think LR have lost interest in the agricultural market…

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