News : McLaren P1 is previewed before Paris reveal

The first pictures of the new McLaren P1 have been revealed. While officially a design study, it’s a thoroughly good preview of what the British company’s new hypercar will look like. It had previously been known by its development codename P12, but when it battles the new-age Ferrari Enzo next year, it will be known as the P1.

No firm technical data has been revealed, but McLaren is being bold with its claims. McLaren MD Antony Sheriff says the P1’s goal is to be ‘the most exciting, most capable, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made.’ Sheriff says the P1’s aim is not to boast the fastest top speed in its class, but to be the most rewarding to drive.

While not officially confirmed, the P1 is set to use a heavily revised version of the MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering around 750bhp. That’s not all, though; it’ll be complemented by a Formula 1-style KERS electric motor and boost the total power output to around 850bhp.

It’s a wild looking car, and one that will make a bold statement in the hypercar class. Styling highlights include McLaren logos (the  ‘Speed Marque’) in the headlights, wildly sculptured doors and a aggressive rear end. It’s also very easy to spot where aerodynamics have played their part in the P1’s looks.

There’ll be more information on the new McLaren P1 hypercar when it is revealed at the 2012 Paris motor show.

[Source: Octane]

Keith Adams


  1. First of all i love the orange colour beacouse of the traditional McLaren racing livery (that was never chrome)

    the style….some solution reminds me of the beautifull Lotus elise S1 (or better the exige) exhaust, boot….maybee all the chassis and suspension have similar solutions…but beacouse they are good

    i love that underchassis extractor….so f1, so nasty, hope that works too…on normal roads (years ago i mouted Lotus 79 like underchasis deflectors on my MGF and it works perfectly but till to the first serious bump…than was dangerous)

  2. Styling by the man who did the 2001 BINI – there is a certain similarity in the egregious detailing.

    Limited to a production of 500. It could yet outsell the MG6 – if the Avis cars excuded.

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