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AROnline's forum is back in business

Firstly, apologies to all the regular AROnline forum users out there. Due to a massive problem with our hosts,, the Forum, News and Blogs pages have been down and offline for the best part of a week. Despite constantly badgering its useless Support Department, Deputy Ed. Alexander Boucke has only just managed to get us back online fully and that’d only because he really does know one end of a UNIX server from another. I think that, had it not been for him, the lights would probably have gone out permanently.  

The problems do, though, throw up a serious point. The time to move is upon us and we’re now looking for new hosts. I’d also say I am looking to move away from our static HTML site, too, and move to something dynamic with CMS. It’s a huge undertaking and we’ve twice started projects only for them to fall on their arse – but it’s going to have to happen now…  

Anyway, apologies for the loss of service – hope you can forgive us!  

And here’s the link:

Keith Adams


  1. Keith, there is no need to apologise – you must be having a nightmare. This is and has always been a fantastic, well-presented site, so good luck… Simon

  2. I’ve used Rochen ( for the past few years. It’s a UK company which offers a very comprehensive control panel and excellent support back up – I don’t think I’ve had a single outage since I’ve been using them.

    I host WordPress-based sites, phpBB message boards and zen cart shops on there. Lots of CMS choices including Joomla, Drupal, etc..

  3. Don’t use Joomla.

    Just don’t go that route. Drupal is related. WordPress is exceptionally stable and well supported, it’s also extremely flexible.

    I’ve lost large amounts of money due to wasting time trying to prop up a Joomla-based site I inherited, and the option of migrating to a newer version was considered – but the user community and support is awful.

    If you wanted to take the CMS route, you could probably set up a team of admins to bring the HTML site over, if it couldn’t be automated.

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