News : MG Motor UK hunting for engineers

High calibre engineers and designers are needed to work on the next generation of MGs – and SAIC is on the hunt for them. SAIC Motor’s UK Technical Centre, based at Longbridge, needs to recruit professional engineers and designers. New MG cars, such as the MG6 models, now sell in dozens of countries.

David Lindley, Managing Director of SMTC UK, said: ‘MGs are designed and engineered in Birmingham and sold in an ever increasing number of markets throughout the world. As well as the UK and China, MG has recently expanded into markets such as Egypt, Uruguay and New Zealand. This is a huge success story for British designers and engineers and, we have a fantastic range of future products to work on.

‘But the rate of growth has increased pressure on us and we new need to recruit more top class people. We are looking for bright, professional automotive specialists who have the enthusiasm and drive to help us push the MG and Roewe brands even further ahead.’

SAIC Motor is the eighth largest automotive company in the world and includes both MG and Roewe, a brand sold exclusively in China, in its portfolio. Vacancies at the MG Birmingham site include specialists in body engineering, engines, transmissions, vehicle integration and design. A regional recruitment event took place on Tuesday, July 3 at Dunston Hall in Norwich.

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Keith Adams


  1. Engineering in R&D though not necessarily in manufacturing systems. I reserve some judgement on this until the full model line up is established but R&D engineering here is crucial if SAIC wants to understand how the European market clicks with their cars – green technologies and product sustainability are becoming an ever prominent feature of the profession.

    Near Norwich.. perhaps they’re trying to entice those from Norwich…

  2. Good news for the future I guess. By the way I saw my second “real” MG6 in Yorkshire the other day – a white one near Helmsley. That’s two in under a year!

  3. I’m sorry, I actually did a double take when I read about MG’s ‘huge international success’…

    I still haven’t seen a single new MG in the metal, and this is supposed to be the ‘home’ of the MG.

    And as for the ‘huge success story for British engineers and designers’ how many of those are there?

  4. The trouble is, JLR are also wanting engineering staff, and odds on JLR will pay better, and looking how JLR are performing, offer better job security.

  5. When I scan read this, I sort of read “… the MG6 models, now sell in dozens..” as the whole of the sentence and didn’t think Longbridge had assembled that many this year :o)

    Still, I’ve yet to see my first one in the South Lincs \ North Cambs area anyway.

  6. You’d see more Bigfoots in the United States. Wait, I’ve just thought of a great new TV series – MG Hunters. A bit like UFO
    Hunters but with more sceptics.

  7. Good news that they are recruiting but the pool of available experienced talent is emptying rapidly – there are JLR specialist engineering vacancies that have been open for months. A lot of us are getting closer to retirement age and there aren’t the youngsters coming along with motor industry experience not to mention the basic mathematical and English skills that they would have left school with a generation or two ago, despite what politicians may claim!

  8. That bloke isn’t smiling either. He has the sort of look that he is going to stab you in the face with a screwdriver! Could he have someone just out of shot from The Chinese government pointing a gun at him, ordering him to smile? LOL

  9. well,if you hope and pray hard enough chaps,MGUK will close and you will be happy then convert longbridge into a call centre for all the inept wankers with an alleged education.
    Or congratulate MGUK for sticking with the UK and having faith.Maybe talent is thin on the ground,maybe JLR does not flick thier switches.(why mention JLR? this article is about MG)Why not BAE systems or Rolls Royce then?Im sick to death of the negative comments,its been said all before.Nobody has far to look why the firm failed its all here,i cant understand for the life of me why some people cant say nice one.Anyone heard of little acorns?

  10. Francis, the trouble is you cannot trust the Chinese. There have been too many lies, and broken promises from this company, and you have to face it, the firm couldn’t organise a p*** up at a brewery. People want job security, and MG simply doesn’t give this. JLR are the only mass market manufacturer with their R&D here, and as sales are exploding. Put yourself in someone who is going for jobs like this’ shoes. Which would you go for? The one who sells thousands of cars a month, or the one that sells less than 20 a month?

  11. Is the guy in the picture engaged in converting Keith’s Integrale to right hand drive? Judging by the amount of loose wiring and sundry bits of kit barely attached it could easily pass for an Italian car…

    No wonder the mechanic appears to be gritting his teeth…

  12. @16,i dont understand what you mean? what lies and what broken promises?do you trust the irish?blacks?asians? this is a joke,right?Job security?sorry pal no such thing.This isnt about JLR,or Vauxhall,Ford,Nissan or indeed honda.What do you want MGUK to do?Right lads there is 20,000 vacancies lets build some cars-would’nt that be good?You just dont see the bigger picture do you?and as for facing the piss up in a brewery thats successive government and management domain,30 years ago if you said hyundai would be a big noise in britain 30 years hence you would have pissed yourself,well,some car makers are pissing thier pants.Even kia are beating ford in the CO2 stakes-even the much lauded 3 cyl ecoboost cant match some of kias engines for CO2,who would have thought that even 10 years ago?it will take a long time for MGUK to get up to speed they know that as well.Forget the here and now bullshit.Im not having a dig its just my belief,as we have done the lies and broken promises with govt,BMW,BAE and P4.

  13. @4
    ‘huge success story for British engineers and designers’
    quiet a large number of those.. but not in Britain, and if we don’t stop ignoring engineering and manufactureing banking and finance will follow them down the plughole

  14. Yes apparently there are some MG6’s in nz, but none sold yet as far as i know, the last word I heard was that they might be for sale in august. alex

  15. Looks like what BMW used to refer to as a “Labcar”.

    Essentially it’s a way or trying out the electrical systems on a new vehicle, whilst having much better access to connectors, harnesses and components than you would have on a real car. Of course you can’t drive it, except by simulating the powertrain and chassis inputs.

  16. Francis, Kia went bankrupt several years ago and had to be rescued by Hyundai, it’s just about over for Proton, and you also forget that in quite a few markets, Kia & Hyundais actually have the blue oval on the front. Kias are now mostly being sold by Ford dealers too. East anglian company John Grose Ford are now the main agents in Suffolk, and Kia sales in Yorkshire are handled by Ringways Ford of Leeds & Doncaster.

    MG lost their position in the market place, as upon collapse, buyers simply went elsewhere, and you fail to grasp that. Traditional Rover buyers went to Skoda, Kia & Hyundai, old MG buyers now often drive vRS branded Skodas instead, as they know they have fast VW mechanicals at a cheaper price, and the modding scene is massive. The oldies just love the ‘peace of mind’ from Kia & Hyundai, with their 5 & 7 year warranties, plus the ease of driving, and high levels of standard kit. And you will also find all three of these brands have much brand loyalty, and to get them away takes a lot of persuasion.

    And the 6 is in for a right royal kicking from Skoda once again, with the new Rapid 5 door, which is to start at £12k, And the Fabia 3 has just broken cover, and will be in a low road tax band, and has proven diesel technology from day 1. The press are already raving about it, unlike the indifferent shrug they give MG. Can you actually see why people like myself have zero confidence in these Chinese clowns?

  17. @22 possibly because you talk bollocks,chinese clowns?anyway i am well aware that kia and hyundai are one and the same they have been sharing engines years so whats your point?i said in my earlier comments even at the beginning that this is a long game.MG Rover died agreed.So what has come back?chinese owned MG,i didnt hear anything said by you about Volvo that is owned by chinese clowns Geely-how come?what Kia and Hyundai do in other markets does not enter into it really,ford festiva’s in the US are mazda 121’s so what?ford dealers selling Kia and Hyundai? reinforces my point that those two marques are chipping away ever so nicely at ford sales,again,unthinkable thirty years ago,as for the oldies a lot of 20-30 somethings are driving Cee’ds and i30’s about nowadays not because of peace of mind(do you buy a tumble dryer because of a warranty?)but because they are stylish and better looking than fords now.I think i was clear from the outset and other articles that MG are not going to be an overnight sucess it will take years,of course these chinese clowns are not the eighth biggest car manufactorer by accident are they?

  18. Comment 16 –

    Yes, the cream probably would have JLR as their first choice of employer. However, in the real world job market and with financial commitments many will happily take a job with MG UK.
    If all new companies took the view “nobody will work for us over ‘Mighty & Successful plc’ then they would never grow!

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