News : SAIC expands in Birmingham… Michigan

Birmingham Michigan
Birmingham, Michigan, USA – SAIC expands west.

SAIC Motor, MG’s parent company, has opened a base in the USA to extend its North American operations. Nearly 100 people will be based in SAIC USA’s 30,000sq ft offices in Birmingham, a suburb of Michigan. They will focus on three key areas: purchasing, logistics and technology and engineering.

The office will work with almost 150 different North American automotive parts, materials and component suppliers and logistics will concentrate on the export and import of automotive parts. It will also deal with the design, engineering and quality control for the development and production of vehicle components and parts.

SAIC has a long standing joint venture with General Motors and senior engineers at MG Motor UK are involved with GM on the development of future engines. Last year SAIC Motor sold more than 4 million vehicles and is the eight largest automotive manufacturer in the world. China overtook the USA to become the largest car market in the world in 2009 and last year 20 million new cars were sold in China.

Keith Adams


  1. Logical progression, Honda and Toyota have done the same building vehicles for US tastes, and if they ever wish to sell commercial vehicles there, having a CKD operation also makes sense.

  2. But some times ago there was a falled project from MG in the USA. Is it sure that this time will be better???

  3. Birmingham, aye?! You can just imagine when the best location was being chosen – If it had not been for the coincidence, Birmingham, Michigan may never have stood out in the very first place.

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