News : Minder Daimler makes £15k at the Resto Show

Minder 1981 Daimler Sovereign Saloon large

Arthur Daley’s 1981 Daimler Sovereign from hit ITV show Minder sold to a happy new owner at Silverstone’s auction, held at the Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 12 April.

The car, which was driven extensively by both Arthur Daley (George Cole) and Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) from Series Four through to Six of the show, sold for £15,525, which was unsurprisingly above the car’s upper estimate.

According to the seller, George Cole nearly bought the car himself back in 1985 but it was eventually decided to give the car away in a TV Times competition. However, this wasn’t exactly what George Cole wanted at the time. After the TV Times giveaway, it remained in the same hands until 2003, when it was initially raffled, but then auctioned on eBay and bought by the current seller.

Arthur would no doubt be pleased with what turned out to be a ‘right result.’

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Keith Adams


  1. Not exactly mad money over an equal motor in cracking nick.

    Someone for sure has made “a nice little earner”

  2. “One careful owner, Sir and twice lovingly, ahem, restored.”

    BTW, what happened to that N-reg SD1 that was up for auction a couple of months ago? I can’t find any news anywhere on t’internet.

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