News : Wombling free… BRMs to reunite at the NEC Classic Motor Show

David Morgan

The online community for owners and fans of the Rover 200 BRM,, has announced that it will be bringing together four of the original six WOM-registered Rover 200 BRM LE press demonstration cars for the first time in nearly fifteen years at the NEC Classic Motor Show in mid-November.

The press cars were the first six cars to be built and were designated as Special Designation Vehicles (SDVs) because of their intended role as demonstration vehicles to be used by the motoring press. Each car was allocated a consecutive registration number from S959 WOM to S964 WOM and then used for the official press launch, held at Donington Park in September 1998. One example was later re-registered as R200 BRM during its stint on the press fleet. All of these cars were subsequently sold off by the Rover Group from October 1999.

S962 WOM - BRM LE number 5
S962 WOM – BRM LE number 5 at last year’s NEC event

Members of, an online forum for enthusiasts of the Rover 200 BRM limited edition, discovered the very first Special Designation Vehicle (S961 WOM) was up for sale in 2012. They collectively worked together by pledging donations to buy it and offers of practical help to rejuvenate it. In the same year, a member of the forum also discovered SDV5 (S962 WOM) was for sale and bought it. SDV3 (S960 WOM) was also acquired by the forum in October 2013. Meanwhile, SDV2 (S964 WOM), which was the most prolifically featured example in print publications, was bought by one the forum’s members earlier this year.

Displayed alongside the four press cars will be the oldest surviving production car of the 1,109 production examples built for sale in the home market and Europe. Registered as S974 WOM, this was the second production car to leave the assembly line and was originally owned by the Rover Group and used under its Management Company Car Plan. Its subsequent owners have all been enthusiasts of the Rover 200 BRM LE.

Some Wombles, on a common. da da da, da da da, da da da da etc....
Some Wombles, on a common. da da da, da da da, da da da da etc…

A spokesman for said: ‘We are really pleased that four of these cars which appeared so prominently in print publications, together with the oldest surviving production car, will be reuniting at the NEC in November. Each car has a different and very interesting story to tell about its life.

‘If anyone has any further information about the status or whereabouts of the remaining two press cars we have not been able to account for yet – SDV4 (S963 WOM) and SDV6 (R200 BRM) – we would be delighted to hear about this.”

Just visit or speak to one of’s representatives on their stand in Hall 12 at the NEC if you have any information which might assist them in their quest…

S961 WOM - or SDV1, the first 200 BRM LE
S961 WOM – or SDV1, the first 200 BRM LE
Keith Adams


  1. A quick check on the DVLA website reveals they have no information on S963 WOM and R200 BRM is currently on SORN.

    Regarding S963 WOM, this does not mean the vehicle has been destroyed, though this is a distinct possibility. As for R200 BRM, that is at least still intact and hopefully in an enthusiasts posession

  2. The orange mouth, truly hideous, name the colo0ur-blind culprit who thought such an adornment would make these cars desirable to anyone older than 17 years of age?

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