News : Rover 75/MG ZT DVD filming makes excellent progress

Kevin Jones ,who was a long-term employee from the BL years right through to the final hour of MG Rover, waxes lyrical about his experiences and thoughts of the R40. This man could earn a fortune on the after-dinner speech circuit, he’s that good!

To say that progress has been good on the Rover 75 DVD project would best be described as an understatement. Since our last update, filming has taken place in Essex, Hampshire and leafy Sussex – and that’s just so far. We have captured the thoughts and wisdom of some very important folk in the R40 world, and some of them at decision-making and Director-level too.

John Clancy and I have been truly knocked back and chuffed at the quality of that input so far. For those who have been happy to have a camera and microphone shoved under their noses, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What started out as a germ of an idea during a conversation in the rain has truly taken shape into something much bigger and better that we initially thought.

Trying not to give too much away, here’s just a handful who have given their time so far:

  • Peter Morgan: Rover Group R40 Project Director
  • Ron Brown: Rover Design Engineer
  • Denis Chick: Rover Director of Product Communications
  • Kevin Jones: MG Rover Product Manager
  • Rob Oldaker: MG Rover Director of Product Development
  • Ian Pogson: MG Rover Engine Development Engineer
  • Martyn Knowles: Editor of Car Mechanics magazine
Rob Oldaker returned to MG Rover to become Director of Product Development. A bottle of his favourite ale, wind up the spring and let him go. A truly wonderful character!

There are, of course, many more we could mention – and more to come, but for now you’ll just have to be patient and wait. What we can tell you is that it’s rapidly becoming a very high quality product that seems to be more of a joy than a nightmare to piece together. There’s going to be production footage, aerial shots, in-car commentary, owner interviews and anecdotes too.

If you are a proper R40 nerd, an enthusiastic owner or just a fan of the model, we promise there will be something for everyone. It’s been agreed that yours truly will be doing the introduction and narration throughout the feature. I’m a little apprehensive about that, but as the late Mr Norden once said…

‘It’ll be alright – on the night!’

We’ll keep you updated about future developments.

Mike Humble


  1. Hi Mike, I noticed the MOT on the green 75 you once owned (BD02 EHY) expired in June this year. I wondered if you had heard from the current owner of its fate? Has it finally come to the end of the road?

  2. This sounds like a very interesting production and worthwhile piece of automotive history. You’ve been fortunate in acquiring the input of people who were so close to the cars development.

    I’ve spent my entire career in Film/Video & broadcast TV production and would have loved to work on such a production.

    Mike, if you are presenting long pieces to camera in vision, it may be worth using an Autoscript system to ensure you are word perfect – or break the narrative into manageable chunks… and overlay on the pictures – Good luck

  3. Not only am I a BL, AR, MGR fan and 75 owner, but I also work in the TV industry! Im offering my services, I would love to help out on this production. Get in touch if you need anything!

  4. Well what a wonderfull series of articles by so many influential knowledgable contributors and as a 75 owner I am truly impressed and revitalised in the certain knowledge a fact I have always known my Rover 75 KV6 2001 model is a winner. I absolutely love the car and appreciate it as a luxury vehicle given its interior of leather, wood etc so well appointed to say the least. The body exterior looks so well proportioned and is without doubt a very attractive shape. I cannot think of another vehicle I would replace my ’75 with and get so many features included at a comparable price. Such a sad loss that BMW shot it down at it’s launch.
    Thanks again,
    Richard Reekie.

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