Frankfurt 2013 : Vauxhall aims to become UK’s number one


Vuaxhall Adam

Vauxhall says it will knock its big rival off the top of the UK sales charts for the first time in decades by 2016. The charge will be led by the success of new models introduced over the past few months along with staple models such as the Corsa, Astra and all-new Insignia.

Vauxhall’s Chairman, Duncan Aldred, said he expects sales of around 280,000 this year and a market share of 11 percent. The aim is to overtake Ford by capturing a 14 percent plus share within the next three years.

He said: ‘That’s the message I am sending out to our dealers because now we have a product range to really attack the market. One model which is really doing well for us is the new Mokka and we could have sold several thousand more this year if we could get the product, the factory in South Korea can’t make enough to meet global demand.’

The Mokka sells under a Buick badge in North America and China, and as Chevrolet in a number of other markets. Aldred said the car will go into production in Spain from next year to help meet demand in Europe.

‘More consumers are seeing the benefits of this kind of SUV crossover – as a family car it has everything. We also have other new models which have been introduced more recently such as the ADAM and Cascada. With 7 million cars on UK roads it normally takes around six to nine months for a new model to gain visibility. Mokka is already there, ADAM, which we launched in April, is just entering that window now.’

The UK is already the biggest market in Europe for Vauxhall-Opel and, as well as new models, Aldred said a lot of work is being done on the brand value. He said: ‘There are no plans to push Vauxhall upmarket, rather we will stretch the brand to cover all the bases in terms of product while all our dealers will be taking on a new corporate identity in the coming months.

‘Our association with the home country national football teams is also working really well for us and there is no doubt that this has helped to build the brand. We have actually now extended out sponsorship through to 2018.’

Vauxhall Astra

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  1. They don’t make much here though except the Astra which is really a rebadged Opel. Vauxhall is these days is no different to MINI, having no design or R & D facility here, and for that reason I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about the brand.

  2. I can’t imagine a day any time soon when Vauxhall will achieve this. They just don’t have a strong enough range. Frankly, I’m amazed they sell as well as they do and can only attribute it to the sheer presence of dealerships – which I think is equally true of Ford. There is a lot to be said for the ‘dealer in every town’ approach – it used to work for BMC.

  3. They have a strong ‘traditional’ range that is usually in the top 10.

    Though the Corsa / Astra are being outsold by the Fiesta / Focus, they’re still up there.

    The Insignia is outperforming the Mondeo in the traditional D segment, though I’ve heard stories of chocolate clutches…

  4. @3. Ellesmere Port was the first site to make the current Astra 5 door hatch. I think it’s still made there,not just the Estate/Tourer. This means making Opels for export.

    I have also heard that the Tourer variant was engineered in the UK.

  5. @4 A strong enough Range? Demand for the Mokka has outstripped supply alone. The Cascada is shifting and so is the Adam in fact with nearly everything in the range selling well bar the V8 stuff how could Vauxhall not Have the potential to achieve this?

  6. Would serve Ford right for turning their back on the UK. Opel/Vauxhall may end up selling a lot of cars in the UK, but will they make any money from it? Nobody is discounting like Vauxhall at the moment with incredible finance deals as well. Its surprising they arnt selling more cars now the way they are giving the things away. Residuals are already in the gutter. This final big push could drop them through the floor. Surprised about the popularity of the Mokka and Adam. I’ve yet to see an example of either on the road. Come to think of it, I’m not really sure what a Mokka looks like at all! I think Vauxhalls ambitions here will depend more on the mainstream vehicles – Astra and Insignia. Both fine looking cars.

  7. Ford are quite expensive as a retail proposition. Vauxhall have a good range but it is VW Group that is in the lead if you add all three brands together

  8. What they badly need a is a new Corsa, as I can’t see the Vauxhall badge being considered desirable enough, further up the price scale…

  9. @Paul H

    The Mokka just looks like a scaled down Antara which is a rebadged Chevy which is yet another “Me too!” SUV.

    What is it with stupid childish names?
    ‘Mokka’, ‘Adam’, ‘Up’, ‘Mii’, ‘Cee’d’…

    What happened to names like Firenza, Oxford, Viscount, Zephyr?

  10. Vauxhall are doing well in all areas,margins on cars dont set the world on fire anyway, parts is a massive money earner and the volume of genuine vauxhall parts through bodyshop networks is immense in that industries.

    GME as a group maybe in the red but Vauxhall is still doing well.

    Making cars desirable and further up the price scale? the Corsa for example is what it is,how many A1’s will you see stinking of baby sick and rotton nappies? they are a runabout like a fiesta or clio.

  11. Great stuff. Vauxhall have been active in this country since 1903 and although owned by GM since the twenties they are as British as we can get at the moment.
    In that 110 years or so we have seen them produce one of the world’s greatest vintage cars that vies for attention and affection with any Bentley – I am referring of course to the charismatic 30/98.
    Following this they produced the 10 and 12 – arguably the first true monocoque and one of the first British popular cars to have independent front suspension.
    The later Viva range was a huge success – the HB ‘coke bottle’ was an absolute joy and felt much more modern than the equivalent Escort.
    They excelled with the bigger cars too – the PC Cresta knocking the Mk 4 Zephyr off the planet.
    There was a wobble now and then – the FE Victor being the best example but there is not a manufacturer out there who hasn’t had a wobble.
    And now we have a great range of cars that appeals to the people and sells well!
    More power to their elbow I say.

  12. Opel has an overcapacity across Europe,sales down due to the uncertainty over GMs attempted sell off.The brand has suffered.The astra is produced @ellesmere port,most parts sourced in Germany.The estate is the only one that is not produced in Poland Germany ect.Considering the success,of Vauxhall badged opels in the uk the largest market for them in Europe u would think GM could show a bit of loyalty to its vauxhall division .By increasing the product line up,there not much better than ford really.There have been numerous reports and fears that ellesmere could be for the chop which the workforce have to endure.The moka should have been built here ,south korea now spain ????,However,chevy cruze tourer spotted and its an astra are they selling this model across the world and is it built here? Most cars sold here are made in Germany,8 out of 10?,i would like to see this trend change and more component sourcing in the uk .Tatas investment here is fantastic and with a growing component industry, due to there expansion, maybe other companies will set up shop ,properly. Again this was the biggest market for the zafira, why not made here ?Very annoying,also to make comments about going to sell more than ford, ,and announce they will make the moka in spain ,Cheeky sod ,get lost mate!I will work harder,save more and get a jag.

  13. Found a statement from Vaux chief 2012,about 100mil + investment and more local content,Gm to close Bochum plant in gemany which makes astra and zaf tourer.Wish they would bring zaf b to ellesmere.Looks like plant now safe,might yet get a astra,jag il av to wait.

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