AROnline and Autocade go into collaboration

Keith Adams 


The world’s finest free online car cyclo­pædia, Autocade, and AROnline are entering into a new collaboration. The Autocade website is a rapidly growing online resource that details well over 1000 cars from around the world. It’s the brainchild of New Zealander Jack Yan, founder and publisher of Lucire, a fashion magazine that made the move from web to print, as well as brand consultant and businessman, and it’s hoped that it will grow to encompass every post-war car. 

Autocade has already be included in the AROnline family by the addition of a link to the website on the main navigation panel to your left. However, I will also be contributing to the project by adding cars along the way and, hopefully, helping Jack to achieve his dream of building the biggest and best car database on the Internet. 

Anyway, feel free to poke around, have a play and search for your favourite cars, then post your own suggestions here. We’ll add these cars as we go along and are relishing the challenge ahead. 


Keith Adams


  1. Interesting, but will this not end up as a duplication of what is already available on Wikipedia?

    Autocade looks good, though – I learnt from it that the Honda Accord used the Rover L-Series diesel.

    However, some of my own more interesting previous drives are absent such as the Alfa Romeo GTV and the Citroen Xantia (which does have a link off the Daewoo Espero!).

  2. Nice one lads! This is going to be such a valuable source of information – I can’t wait!

    I have struggled for years, until recently, to get more information on cars from behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ and bizarrely over ‘The Pond’! I also like all the ‘Local’ versions of cars we take for granted here in the UK/EU, like the Fiesta with a saloon style boot in India.

    I therefore say go for it – it’s going to be a fascinating project.

  3. @Will
    We will get there – being very much a spare-time thing and largely (till now) solely my own work, it’s not been easy to get everything on to the site. A great deal of it was about which models took my fancy or which reference books I took to the office. That is not to say I don’t fancy the GTV…

  4. @Simon Woodward
    Cheers, Simon! I have tried to put in some oddities since information on them was lacking, such as the Korean Camina or the Beijing BJ750. I’m glad you have spotted a few of them (e.g. the booted Fiesta is referred to but not shown).

    It’s not been easy and almost all the references I’ve used are offline ones, which has slowed the process down but, I believe, kept the accuracy up.

  5. @Keith Adams
    Hopefully, the correct data will be propagated (which is one reason I started Autocade), though I have noticed that, in one place, Wikipedia references us but introduces an error in its own text!

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