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Keith Adams

Following on from the recent announcement that I’d be hanging up my AROnline driving gloves, I thought I’d give you all a quick update on how that’s going. Firstly, thank you all for all of your comments here, on social media and by email – there really have been hundreds of responses, and I read and digested them all. And thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What quickly became apparent is that switching off the site is not an easy option. What came through loud and clear was that you enjoy referring back to this site regularly with many of you reporting that one of the things the site does really well is draw you in and take you down a prototype-shaped rabbit hole. Being constantly updated and fed with SEO-friendly listicles is less important.

Either way, securing the future of the site is now very front of mind for me. My own personal commitments mean that I do intend to step back as planned, but keeping it online, maybe putting important new stories up less regularly (quality, not quantity) is something I can do.

I’ve been approached by a number of potential hosts, people who could house AROnline and take away the nitty gritty of the administration (which is hugely generous), and that looks like a possible direction for the future. I am currently discussing this with a potential partner, who would be a brilliant – and passionate – fit with the site and its content. I hope to update you all very soon.

But for now, keep the faith. The ads are being switched off on 16 December, so at least you’ll have a much better viewing experience, while I sort things out. Thank you for being so supportive!

Keith Adams


  1. I discovered AROnline about 5 years ago when I was laid up with some nasty virus. I spent days reading everything on here from in my deathbed. It turned out to be the most enjoyable illness I’ve ever had, thanks to your fabulous site. We’ll all be delighted for it to continue.

  2. That would be so brilliant if you could keep it going in one form or another. I’ve been a regular since 2005 when I first discovered it. I’d happily pay a subscription if it came to that.

  3. Great to hear, thanks Keith. It’s an incredible compilation of works, and I’m really happy it will be saved

  4. I think it needs commercial sponsorship with nonintrusive adverts from classic car companies/suppliers. Pleased to see that updates/new articles should still be possible as new information comes to light

  5. Good news for all us regular readers, as well as others who chance upon this excellent source of news and nostalgia.

  6. You’ve done a brilliant job over the years Keith, so we just can’t lose all that research and insight which your features bring.

  7. Thank you, Keith – that sounds very promising. This wonderful site you’ve built is an important resource and historic record so if it can stay up that would be great. Thank you again for all you’ve done. Ben

  8. I hope your conversations are fruitful so this brilliant resource isn’t lost to the world. You put in a huge amount of work and it would be sad to see its legacy disappear.

  9. This is the best car site on the internet and I’ve been visiting AR Online for over 20 years, when Rover was still producing cars. It would be nice if the site was kept alive in some form.

  10. Well done Keith, an absolutely brilliant website for all of us AR fans. Would be happy to pay a small annual subscription to keep the site going!

    All the best, Steve

  11. Excellent news! I’ve been a regular visitor to this website since 2002 (when I still owned my 1994 214 Si) and it has been informative, entertaining and misconception-busting in equal measure. Therefore, I am glad that it will continue.

  12. Thanks for the update Keith. You’ve done a super website and history which is most enjoyable to read.

    All the best

    John Turner

  13. I agree with Steve Woolcott, would perfectly agree to pay a fee to keep the site going. This legacy can’t disappear – Keith has invested so much time and energy….

  14. Good to see that you’re trying to keep the site going Keith. Many a happy hour I’ve spent browsing AR-online, and would be really sorry to see it go.

  15. This is fantastic news Keith.
    I mentioned this on Facebook:
    I have a lot of experience of running websites, if you or a new operator would need some advice or a bit of tech support. I would be delighted to help. Its an open offer anytime, it will never be off the table.

  16. Keith you have created a superb website and I will/would miss it. However you’ve made the decision to stop it and as hard as it is you need to remember that.

    Anybody taking this on would have large shoes to fill and I think most people would want the quality to remain high. A slow lingering decline would be unfair on the site

    Having said all of this, from a personal point of view I would hate to lose the site. News stories will be thinner on the ground but having a site to find them has been a luxury.

    Whatever happens, thanks for all your hard work.

  17. Great news, I was so upset when I heard it was to close, so keeping the historical record in place with the odd update or when something important turns up would be fabulous. Than you Keith for all you hard work. The site has been a success when unfortunately the company, in all its guises, was not.

  18. I followed you guys from the beginning and being a Rover Sterling/jaguar owner/restorer your site is the best’,not to mention information and education on how to keep my cars running. It will be a shame if this web site shuts down

  19. Just read this unexpected news which sounds great. I like AROnline so much, so would be happy to make a donation or pay a fee.

  20. It’s far too good a resource (and rabbit hole) to be SCRAPPED – I always wondered if the museum might be interested? BMM rather than the Unnatural History one.

  21. That’s great new Keith. I’d have been bereft if this site had gone, I’ve loved reading all the articles, especially about Austin, Rover and other UK brand cars I have owned.
    It’s an absolutely brilliant resource and I must visit here most days!

  22. Happy to pay a small fee to keep aronline alive, more than willing to chip in with some site admins also

  23. It would be amazing if you’re able to partner with and share the responsibility of keeping this irreplaceable resource going. I really appreciate all that you have done so far.

  24. Great news, love this site, to be able to read proper articles in a proper layout and not within the confines of FB groups is an absolute joy. Long may it continue even via funding etc.

  25. Having been an avid reader of the site since before Rover went under I was like many, saddened to read that it was coming to an end. I like Keith’s thinking that if it could be kept alive by only having occasional updates (quality over quantity) that must be a good thing.
    Like many of us on here, I am not getting any younger and keeping this valuable resource and all it documents for future generations would be a wonderful thing.

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