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Day 26:

After a relaxed start, with a simple but wholesome breakfast in the hostel, I wandered into Sofia itself. I had heard mixed reviews of town – one in particular from an Aussie bloke who said it was crap and didn’t seem to move from his bed watching movies for the whole time he was there -still, I headed off with an open mind. It did turn out to be nothing spectacular and a little like Brussels which was very odd as it was so small. I walked for about 20 mins and was lost – I found out I had walked off the far side of map!

As I was wandering around, I walked along a yellow brick road, could see no signs of a scarecrow, lion or tin man, nor anyone in red sparkly shoes with a small dog. It then started to rain quite heavily, which really isn’t good when you’re wearing flip flops, so I returned to the hostel and typed up a few more blogs.

In the evening I wandered out to find a Salsa bar I had spotted on the net and as I walked through the centre I couldn’t help but think most of the places were closed and it was only 11pm. Eventually I found the bar, only to see it was closed, denied.

Walking back towards the hostel, I passed a bar that I had seen guys watching football in earlier. The match was now over and the bar much quieter so I popped in for a quick nightcap. In the bar I met a guy from the UK who had come over to see the Fulham v Sofia match so we had a couple of beers and chatted. The beers were 0.5l bottles and cost the equivalent of 75p.

Once this bar closed, we went round the corner to an underground bar, where we were frisked on the way in. Once inside, it was like a return to the past. The music was very definitely of the 80s and the dancing was terrible. I’m no good at disco dancing but I expect I would have been John Travolta in comparison. This is where we got a bit of a surprise as the beer was back to (not quite) UK prices at £2+ for a measly 330ml bottle. After a few of these, I bade the guy from the UK farewell and headed back to the hostel.

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