Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

The hills around Monte Carlo

Before leaving, I researched the Gorge Du Verdon, an area where Top Gear filmed a race between the RS4 and the speed climber and after the obligatory signing of the Mini by people I’d met in the hostel, I headed for the mountains North of Monte Carlo, knowing that this was where the Mini would be great fun. I can see why this place was used for rallying as the roads were fantastic, and so were the views.

I had a quick blast back down into Monaco, making sure I didn’t carry out any illegal U turns, think I drove past the casino and through the tunnel used in the Grand Prix, then got fed up of the GPS telling me I was off route, so I headed for the countryside.

I arrived in Aiguines after a drive down the edges of the gorge, I keep saying it, but the roads and the views were fantastic. Once I arrived in the village I went to the Tourist Information office, where the guy seemed to be particularly unhelpful.

I headed over to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie which seemed to be the area I was looking for, quickly I found a campsite and my camping spot had a fabulous view of part of the gorge. I popped into town and had a delightful dinner in a restaurant and retired to the tent to try and find some more information about the Top Gear challenge.

Keith Adams

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