New Year’s resolutions

Keith Adams 

CityRover: will I buy one in 2011?
CityRover: will I buy one in 2011?

I reckon that this seems like a good time to look forward and set myself a few goals: 

1) Own a CityRover. I have a real blindness with these cars – everyone seems to hate them with a passion, but I’d love to own one and prove all of the naysayers wrong. 

2) Build up AROnline. The website will be ten years old late in 2011 and it would be nice to continue expanding it to include a wider range of cars as well as move over to a CMS system. That’s happening, even if it is slower than I’d like it to be. 

3) Find a good home for my Polski-Rover SD1. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project and, now it’s complete, I feel the need to move on. Er, looking at Point 4), this looks a bad idea, but um… I’d like to replace it with a Citroen SM. 

4) Stop buying cars I don’t need. See Points 1) and 3) but my crap car buying fixation did slow down in 2010 and I’d like that trend to continue in 2011. Sadly, I know that I need to keep avoiding K-Series power given my rotten luck! 

5) Be better at answering emails. I’m really sorry if you’re one of those people who’ve emailed me during the year and who didn’t receive an answer. I get a lot but don’t get as much time as I’d like to reply. I will work harder on that. 

That’s not a rambling list by any means, but I do have a habit of spectacularly breaking all of my resolutions by early January…

Keith Adams


  1. Never mind about Point 5) and not replying to emails, where’s that tenner you owe me?

    What was the Panther Six like to drive? It’s a car I saw for the first time at the ‘NEC Classic Show’ a couple of years ago and one that I have always wondered about from a very early age. Bob Jankel was one of my car hero’s – a few years ago I was out bid on a Panther Rio which was a huge regret.

  2. Your CityRover observations will be interesting.

    Here is my theory: MG Rover should have worked with Tata Motors to give the car a decent, basic interior structure which would have allowed home-market Tata versions to be produced cheaply while also allowing Rover versions to be specced up to European trim quality and equipment levels.

    MG Rover and Tata Motors should have re-engineered the car to accept the smaller K-Series motors rather than the thirsty old Peugeot motor. This would also have improved the car in its home market. Cars could have come in to Longbridge in CKD form and been finished here to acceptable standards.

    The failure to do the above was a huge missed opportunity for Rover and Tata Motors – we could have had Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar all under the Tata Motors wing and selling cars worldwide.

  3. What a frightful skirt that lady is wearing. No wonder she is pleading to the driver for a lift in his CityRover. Hard times indeed.

  4. I can feel a caption competition coming on. First prize: a front row seat at the next launch of the MG6; second prize: two front row seats…

    Here’s my contribution:
    Bird: “I can’t go out in this, darling.”
    Bloke: “I know how you feel, dear.”

    Happy New Year, all.

  5. Magnus :I can feel a caption competition coming on. First prize: a front row seat at the next launch of the MG6; second prize: two front row seats…
    So here’s my contribution:Bird: “I can’t go out in this, darling.”Bloke: “I know how you feel, dear.”
    Happy New Year, all.

    How about:

    Lady: “Oh, how I have always admired a man in a CityRover.”

    Man: “If one takes one step nearer to one’s CityRover Sprite, one will telephone the Fashion Police and have one detained for an act of visual beastliness to society. One reminds me of that ghastly Sally Webster character from terrestrial television. Now scoot!”

  6. My New Year’s resolutions are to contribute more blogs and essays to AROnline and to get Keith into a CityRover – the car the MG ZERO could have been.

    P.S.: Check out my CityRover essay from this time last year…

  7. Any chance of another book? There is so much material on this site and I would love to be able to pick up a book sometimes and read about the glory years without having to log on.

  8. I reckon that now’s probably a good time to buy a CityRover – they must sell for all of 50p nowadays :).

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