News : JLR posts a record March

Jaguar XF Sportbrake (1)

Jaguar Land Rover UK has reported its highest sales month ever in March, owing to desirable new product and continued strong demand. Jaguar Land Rover sold 17,773 vehicles in the UK in March, compared to 14,789 in March 2012 – an increase of 20%.

Land Rover’s sales success was led by the all-new Range Rover and Land Rover Freelander which were up 43% and 45% respectively with the Range Rover Evoque continuing to perform strongly up 9%.

Jaguar’s UK sales increase was driven primarily by the new XF Sportbrake, which accounted for almost 23% of Jaguar’s overall UK sales in March. Sales of the Jaguar XF saloon are consistent with figures for March 2012, indicating XF Sportbrake buyers are new to the Jaguar brand. With first deliveries to customers of the new Jaguar F-TYPE sports car scheduled for late April, Jaguar expects to welcome more and more customers to the brand in 2013.

The all-new Range Rover has been particularly well received with sales order books filling up quickly. In addition, reaction to the revised 13 MY Land Rover Freelander launched in quarter four of 2012 has been particularly positive. A combination of revised exterior styling, making the Freelander even sportier, combined with a redesigned interior has maintained its popularity as Land Rover’s entry-level model.

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  1. @1 Hold you’re horses mate… Wait until Jaguar has it’s 3 series rival ready. That’s when the cars will be flooding out of the gates. Potential for 20,000 extra cars a year.

  2. I met someone on March 1st who had just taken deleivery of a new Discovery. Just happened to be the finanace director of the local Landrover dealer. He’ll get another one in 6 months time. I wonder how many of these March registrations where actually bought by somebody? Could say that about any manufacturer mind.

  3. In answer to question 2, yes they ARE reliable, certainly more reliable than the flaky German rubbish so many people bleat on about so much…

  4. As a fleet contractor I control a large fleet of motor-cars from most makes and can confirm that Steve is perfectly accurate. Jaguar are making cars that for some time,are almost bullet-proof and outshine rival makes particularly those from Germany. I really cant understand why people continue to suggest Jaguar build unreliable cars. I cant find any evidence to demonstrate this.

    Land Rover in particular should be proud of the improvements they have made to longevity/quality/reliability. I must admit that I often proclaimed to clients in the late nineties early noughties that Land Rovers were beautifully built. They most certainly were not so in my experience. Their cars today are from my experience truely superb and are a credit to their staff who design, develope and produce them.

    I love this blog site and reading everybodies experiences/views/attitudes/perceptions. Long may it continue

  5. There’s a lot of hot air talked about reliability these days and most people just believe what Clarkson says.

    I have an Alfa 159 which I am constantly told is a load of junk but I haven’t touched it for two years and 25,000 miles.

    Think JLR still suffer against opinions of those based on 1970s production.

  6. @3. Did you mean an extra 200,000 cars per year. Its a long time coming so I guess they are getting it spot on before launch. Its going to be good! On that basis I reckon they will sell nearer the 200,000 mark. I presume you left a “0” off the end in error.
    Well done Jag.

  7. Good luck to Jagular Land Rover as they really are delivering a range of products that motorists genuinely want to go out and buy.

    I have long been a fan of Land Rover’s products (as a close second place to Rover branded cars) and I always look at their product range and think they really can’t improve on what they currently have. I remember saying this about a year ago when discussing the then 10 year-old L322 generation Range Rover with someone. But Land Rover nearly always proves me wrong (thankfully), as the new L405 generation model is an improvement in a number of key areas over L322, while the new Range Rover Sport looks absolutely stunning.

    If only I could afford to buy something like a Land Rover Discovery 4, an L322 Range Rover or even an entry level Freelander 2!

  8. Sorry, but I notice in my post that the Land Rover influence on Jaguar is becoming obvious, by incorrectly writing “Jagular” not “Jaguar”. A genuine typing error!

  9. Never mind the 3 series sized car , they should do a Golf/A3/Lexus CT200 rival , but with RWD like the 1 series.

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