Roy Axe’s autobiography is now on sale

Keith Adams 

Roy Axe: A Life in Style
Roy Axe: A Life in Style

THE BOX arrived this evening and 50 copies of Roy Axe: A Life In Style are now in my study. In a few days’ time, you can have one of the books if you order it from AROnline’s shop or Amazon. It’s worth getting one from the home store, though, as you’ll get some colour images included whereas the main production book is entirely mono. 

It’s a very personal account of life at Rootes, Chrysler and Rover, reflected in Roy’s amazing career. Along the way, there are more than a few interesting anecdotes as well as some nice insights into the design process of a very varied array of cars as diverse as the Sunbeam Rapier, Chrysler Minivan, Rover 800 and Bentley Arnage. It’s a tragedy that, after spending so long writing it, Roy didn’t get to see the book himself, but I know that he was happy in the knowledge that his story will be shared by generations to come. 

Order from AROnline:
Order from Amazon: 

I’ve had a few people email to say the book store won’t let them add this to their basket. If that’s happened to you and you want the book, please drop me an email ( and drop the payment over via the site’s ‘Donate’ button making a note that it’s for the book. Apologies to anyone who’s been experiencing difficulties.

Keith Adams


  1. It was a press shot done to show the drama of the EX-E and, interestingly, in later years Roy designed interiors for the BAe 125 :).

  2. Well done, Keith. I hope this ends up in the satchels(!) of budding RCA design students. I hope the Axe family are proud of this epitaph.

  3. I’ll definitely be ordering a copy – although I must admit I’m a tad disappointed not to see an 800 also gracing the front cover!

  4. The AROnline shop won’t let me order it – it refuses to put it into my basket!
    Is this a technical problem or have you sold out already?

  5. Sorry, it seems to be a problem a few people have been having. However, if you want to buy it from AROnline, you can pay for it via the site’s Donate button.


  6. I’ve tried this link myself but have had no joy in getting it to put it into my basket. I have sent the AROnline shop an email in the hope that you can help.

  7. I think I’ve sussed it – instead of clicking on “add to basket”, right click on it and click “open in new tab”. It worked for me.

  8. I am extremely proud of my cousin Roy. He was a great Designer. My sister has got three super sketches of Roy’s cars on her wall. We will miss him…

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