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Update: 14 February 2010

Finally, the Tomcat's over the pit, and is getting thoroughly checked over...
Finally, the Tomcat’s over the pit, and is getting thoroughly checked over…

The Rover Tomcat Turbo’s been going through something of a strip down over the past couple of months. We’d already become resigned to doing a little bit of bodywork, but once it became clear that the job was going to involve a little bit more than replacing a few panels and getting busy with the Isopon P38, we needed time to think, ponder and decide what to do.

But that’s already been decided – and we’re pushing forward with Project Tomcat Turbo. A full service of the engine (the oil seals will follow) and brakes means its in rude health in that department, but we’re going to have to start delving just a little further to work out what we’re going to have to do to that body. The parts list is building up nicely.

A full update to follow.


Keith Adams

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