Archive : Charity damps ‘rogue’ van

A broken down BMC 440 van was dumped yesterday outside the London home of Lord Stokes, chairman of the British Leyland Motor Corporation, by the Spastics Society, its owners. The Society complained that it had had to spend £1,700 on repairs to the vehicle in two and a half years, and that it could not afford to keep it any longer. British Leyland said the company had done a lot of work on the vehicle, and considered the faults had been caused by fair wear and tear.

“However if they would be prepared to put their case to independent engineers, we would be quite prepared to listen.”

The Spastics Society said that the Van was new when it was bought in August, 1970. During its first year, the doors fell off. it needed a new back axle. In the next 12 months, the society said, it had 51 repairs, including a new engine,

Keith Adams

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