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Mike Humble

I've loved every moment of ownership, but a new project beckons - fancy a really decent Rover 75? She's up for the taking!
I’ve loved every moment of ownership, but a new project beckons – fancy a really decent Rover 75? She’s up for the taking!

Well, after over one year of thoroughly enjoyable ownership, the 75 is to be moved on to – hopefully – someone who will continue to pour in the love and affection these truly great cars deserve. For no other reason than a change, I am after something slightly retro and interesting to run as a second car.

Everything that ever needed to be done or improved on the Rover has done so and I was flattered at the many comments the old girl received at last year’s Pride of Longbridge. As mentioned before, I never intended to keep the car but slowly and surely, it got under my skin as these motors tend to do.

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It has benefited from a whole host of upgrades or refinements that include a proper rock solid head gasket and bottom end modification – genuine wood dash conversion – 225/45/18 Hairpin alloy wheels… the list goes on and on. Current mileage is around 74,000 miles and has six months’ tax and an MoT ’til well into April, 95 per cent of its service history and everthing – and I do mean everything – works on the button, too. The colour is Moonstone Heritage Green with Bourbon and Sandstone trim, all the usual Club SE refinements are there which include:

  • Dual zone Auto climate control – re-gassed last June
  • All round electric windows and power mirrors
  • Remote locking & Imobiliser
  • RDS Rad / Cass with glovebox six-disc CD Changer
  • Two Tone perforated leather steering wheel – brand new
  • Recent cambelt and tensioner jockey
  • Chrome mirror caps
  • Torpedo Badges
  • Lower edge satin black paint treatment
  • Earlier chrome boot plinth
  • Fully serviced just a few weeks ago including oil / filter and OAT coolant change
  • Plus much much more – contact me for the full SP

75 for sale 001

DANA Reinz six-layer MLS head gasket with stronger lower rail fitted and higher tensile head bolts with new cam seals and carrier re-sealed to form a seriously spotless leak free engine – it’s cleaner than new!

Not perfect in body but very very tidy and presentable indeed with a spotless interior to die for. the car drives superb is mechanically spot on and looks beautiful. May consider a reverse part-ex for something older and interesting ARG wise, but the first £1200 gets you one of the best driving, imposing looking and mechanically granite-tough Rover 75s around.

Serious and I do mean serious enquiries only, picture collectors and strokers look elsewhere. This car simply must go to a loving owner or you’ll have me to answer to!

07904 456043 or email me here

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Mike Humble


  1. Wish you had done this a year ago. I bought a diesel 75 and love it but wanted the 1.8, after 3 months of searching the best one I could find was the diesel. If you know of anyone who wants mine for the same money let me know. In the mean time good luck with your sale Mike, looking forward to the next motor.

  2. It looks totally great, inside and out. Do you really want to part company with it Mike? Anyway, I hope it goes to a good owner and you get a palatable price for it. By the way, those “Hairpins” alloys were a smart move.

  3. Got a nice low miles 1992 214 gsi here if you fancy, that is one seriously lovely 75 though, very tempting.

  4. Bloody hell, Mike, does that say £1200 above!! Now that’s one huge amount of car for this sum!!!!!

    Having fallen so much for my ZR I’d definitely want to keep it. You have, however, made me wonder – should I have your 75 too? Hmmm? Don’t bother to wait for me but similarly don’t be too surprised if I do make an offer. I’ll sleep on it!

  5. I’ve seen this car and can heartily recommend it to anyone keen on picking up a slice of modern retro Rover history. It combines the best of the optimistic period of post Cowley/BMW era of Longbridge 75 production with most of the launch refinements added back in by Mike.

    Grab it while you can!

  6. I really must give my hard working Rover 75 some TLC. It’s been playing second fiddle to the mk3 Escort Cabrio I’m trying to finish off so that I can flog it in order to fund a Scimitar project. The Rover has been lapping up the miles whilst patiently wafting me about the place without any signs of discontent.

  7. Shame your flogging the old girl, If one of my Golf’s Blows up (preferably the mk6) will buy it !

  8. I had to re-read the end… £1200 for a Rover 75?! I seriously didn’t realise how little these cost! Especially one as sorted as this!

  9. Lovely car, but 10 year old petrol saloon cars aren’t holding their own in the used car market. Great to pick up a bargain, if you don’t mind using the green pump.

  10. I beg to differ William… I beg to differ.

    Been more than surprised in the number of warm prospects regarding the Rover.

    Good useful second hand metal, even older stuff always find an owner – more so now than ever as people look to wring every last drop from their bunts!

    The used trade is still crying after the scrappage scheme for half decent usable runabouts and the residuals of even old knackers has never been higher.

  11. Mike, I’ve seen snotter 75’s going for more on some forecourts, and you are bang on there with the shortage of cars around the grand mark nowadays.

  12. Reading about this car lead me to get my first AR car since a Mini City E, a diesel Rover 75. Clutch aside its been first class, and bit my bit I keep adding things. Good luck with the next car!

  13. Further to Yorkie’s comment above, I too am surprised at how little you are asking, Mike. Thinking back six months – My 75 1.8 Club SE was, after 75K miles and two earlier HGFs, losing coolant when starting up from stone cold. Sadly,it was time for her to go – also virtually out of tax & MOT with a possible new catalyst required. Despite the fact I’d loved her, issues she certainly had. However, my 75 still ended up on a forecourt priced at £1750! This makes Mike’s car look like bargain of the century!!

    On a more general note – A guy at work has a ten year old 307 – hardly cherished but not a banger either. He commented today that he was thinking of selling as the rear view mirror kept falling off and the exhaust was blowing slightly. He was looking for his next car with around £2K to spend. Hardly, the kind of person you find here – for goodness sake just fix the one you’ve got!! Mike’s 75 came to mind as a great used buy I know of. Did I tell him? Not bloody likely!!!

  14. My comment 15 – I mean to say, Mike’s car MUST, MUST go to a careful, caring owner!!!! As I have already said to Mike, I just wish I had the funds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I like my metro but I don’t get why everyone says this is so nice. I think the 45 and 75 were really ugly I don’t get why everyone says they’re so nice!!!!

  16. Zoe, I can see how the 75 & 45 may not be your cup of tea, but ugly? Never!!!! Especially not the 75.

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