Modfied Metros : Rapport Metro

While several companies were quick to start tuning the Metro, Rapport was the first offer a soft-top version.

Rapport Sport Metro Convertible

Rapport took a novel approach to maintaining structural rigidity, by leaving half of the rear side windows in place. This gave the car an unusual, though not unattractive, appearance, which to a certain extent predicted the look of Rover’s three-door 200 series. The fact that the hood sat above the bootspace when folded meant that the Metro’s luggage capacity below the window line was unaffected by the conversion, while Rapport claimed that rearward visibility remained “excellent… with hood up or down”.

When Rapport folded, the design was taken on and marketed by The Abingdon Classic Car Co. Limited (ACC), which, true to the name, was based on an industrial estate at Wooton, near Abingdon-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. The car thus became the Abingdon Metrosport.

Rapport Sport Metro Convertible

Keith Adams


  1. One of these is featured in the pilot episode for the Doctor Who spin-off K-9 and Company, driven by the show’s human star – Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. It looked just like the metallic blue one in the photo (given there were so few, it was maybe even the same car?).

    The title sequence of the show is on YouTube, where the car features several times.

    The show never made it to a full series.

    • Yes this is what I think of whenever I see a soft top Metro. It’s a shame K9 and Company never made it to a full series, as this was excellent product placement for the Metro.

    • As a Who Fanatic.. Sad I know, but the reason for the non series commission was purely down to one man and his dislike for all things “Who”, it actually had far superior ratings than Dr Who, and considering that year also saw the release of “the Five Doctors”, which was brilliant, K9 & C had far more ratings than that did, in fact the following year 1982, saw it repeated and again it received more ratings than the equivalent Who Series….

      • I remember reading an interview where Elisabeth Sladen was fairly convinced even when it was being made that there wouldn’t be a full series, due to the concept not being too limited.

        At least we got the Sarah Jane Adventures.years later.

  2. Turns out the K-9 and Company Metro wasn’t a Rapport, but a (very similar, but subtly different) Crayford conversion. See Keith Adams’ separate write-up on that, which includes a few photos from the show.

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