The converters : Lynx Engineering

With their workshops in St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, and a showroom in the Lexham Mews, Kensington, Lynx Engineering catered for the requirements of Jaguar-lovers who wanted something a bit special.

Founded in 1968 by Guy Black (former Chief Production Engineer of Weslake Engineering) to cater for the needs of owners of pre- and post-war sports racing cars, the company earned a great deal of respect and admiration for its formidable Jaguar D-Type replica launched in 1974 – no mere “conversion”, that – Lynx went on to produce an equally-revered C-Type replica, drop-top conversions of both the XJ6 Coupe and the XJS, and the car for which they are probably best known – the sublime Lynx Eventer.

Guy Black sold his business to Elgan Howell in 1989, and it subsequently went into liquidation in 1992. It was rescued shortly afterwards and remains in business (at the time of writing) as Lynx Motors International Ltd.

The Lynx XJ-S Spyder

Before Jaguar had even brought their half-hearted cabriolet XJS-C to the market, Lynx were offering their customers the real thing…


The Lynx Eventer

A sporting estate in the tradition of the Reliant Scimitar and Lancia HPE, the Lynx Eventer took the concept to a new level, offering the luxury and performance of the XJ-S…


Keith Adams

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