Archive : 500 Morris Workers Sent Home

OXFORD. Oct. 29

Five hundred men on the Morris Minor assembly line at Cowley were sent home at noon today as a result of a restriction of output in the press shop at Nuffield Metal Products caused by a pay disagreement. The men were told to report for work tomorrow, as the restriction had ended and supplies would be coming through .

Production is further threatened by a hold-up in the supply of carburettors, caused by the unofficial strike at the British Motor Corporation carburettor factory at Erdington, Birmingham. The unofficial strike of over 160 hourly paid workers at the B.M.C. branch factory of the S.U. Carburettor Company at Erdington, Birmingham. continued yesterday after the strikers had refused the advice of a union official to return to work. A further 386 workers were laid off as a result and production at the factory was brought virtually to a standstill.

Keith Adams

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