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Car production by the British Motor Corporation is seriously threatened by the unofficial strike of 116 toolroom workers at the tractor and transmissions factory at Washwood Heath today.

The men have refused to work while 28 members of the National Association of Toolmakers are employed in the factory. A spokesman for the N.A.T. executive said: “The A.E.U. have made a very straightforward demand. They have said that unless N.A.T. members in the tool-room resign and join the A.E.U., the A.E.U. members will withhold their labour. They argue that we are not a bona fide trade union.”

The N.A.T. has rather fewer than 2,000 members, and although it is not affiliated to the Trades Union Congress it claims to be a bona fide trade union carrying out the normal trade union functions. Thirty-seven of their members have been laid off since July 30 on basic pay after a similar dispute threatened to stop production at the Oxford factory of the Pressed Steel Company.

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