Picture gallery : Rover 75/MG ZT

Images of the Richard Woolley styled Rover 75… designed to look contemporary and retro at the same time, the new car was designed with an eye to looking more solid and prestigious than the 600 and 800 it replaced.

Launched at the same time as the Jaguar S-Type, the Rover 75 was greeted with almost universal praise by the press, and for once a Longbridge product overshadowed a Coventry one.

Launch images

Press photos

A late model 1.8T, still looking as good in 2003, as it did at the 1998 launch…

The 75 Tourer was developed alongside the saloon, but launch was delayed thanks to uncertainty in the lead-up to the BMW sale. Once confirmed as the new owners, Phoenix pressed for its launch at the earliest opportunity.

MG versions were a given a sporty theme – less chrome, lower ride height, brighter colours… It all looked somewhat different to the original

The V8 variation…

MG ZT 260 V8

The Ford Mustang V8 looks like a tight squeeze under the bonnet of of the MG ZT 260 V8.

Launch images kindly supplied by David Newsham

Keith Adams


  1. Still one of the most distinctive, classy cars on the road.

    I remain amazed at what a special car I drive for ‘bland box’ money!!

  2. You are right David. I’ve owned 3 MG Rovers but sadly not a 75. I still like seeing them on our roads. My favourite lookers are the ZTT and 75 V8 with the square grille. If the Chinese Roewe 750 was available here I would consider getting one – I guess that’s very unlikely.

  3. Like the MG ZTT too, Hilton. I do like the square grill but I think the original is best.

    My car is a 53 plate 1.8 Club SE bought August last year with a smidge under 50K on the clock. Screen price was £2,500. Even with the subsequent head gasket problems it’s still one hell of a lot of car for the money.

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