Gallery : Standard Gazel

The Gazel was designed in India and engineered to use a mixture of entirely indigenous parts.

This Mark II Gazel demonstrates the array of styling differences (by Nasir Hussein) that distinguish it from the earlier Herald. There were many engineering differences too, not least the use of the Toledo live rear axle.

Top photo courtesy of Shyam Krishnamachary’s image gallery

Keith Adams


  1. I dunno, its not that bad. They would have had to have raised the ride height considerably for Indian conditions, and if they didn’t have the original to compare to then it’s ok.

    Shame they couldn’t spell ‘Gazelle’, unless ‘Gazel’ means something else and rhymes with ‘Hazel’.

    The shutlines of the bootlid don’t look very good though, although I dare say that the original probably wasn’t that much better in that regard.

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