Gallery : Standard Herald

The Herald appeared on the Indian market in 1961 to replace the Standard Pennant.

It went on to enjoy a long life and went through a couple of changes during it’s life.

This Mark I Herald shows the use of Standard Ensign badges and Pennant hubcaps (Photograph by Mike Long)

This Mark II Herald shows an interesting mix of UK Herald and Vitesse in its frontal aspect

Rear stying is almost identical to the home market version

Rear view of the Mark III Herald shows the flush bootlid

The 4-door version of the Herald Mark III was unique to India. (Photo by Karl Bhote).

This stylish estate verison of the Herald Mark III, called the Companion, was also unique to India. The roof/rear hatch door were made of glass fibre, whereas the rest was more or less, standard Mark III Herald. Made only for a year (1970), And according to Shyam Krishnamachary, VERY rare now. This is actually the rarest of all – a 1969 (Madras) factory prototype, with 4 headlamps as per Triumph Vitesse. Now owned by Bill Davies.

All photos courtesy of Shyam Krishnamachary’s image gallery

Keith Adams


  1. I really wonder how they fixed the door alignment and adjustment having 2 doors on each side. It’s already an ugly job to align the 1 door on each side of the Triumph Herald / Vitesse.

  2. L.S.
    Can I use the pictures and text for an article in the magazine of Club Triumph Holland?
    Yours truly,
    Henk Jelgerhuis Swildens.

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