Events : Jaguar Heritage gallery to open at the Coventry Transport Museum

Jaguar Gallery

A new Jaguar Heritage gallery is to open at Coventry Transport Museum, featuring 17 vehicles from the Jaguar Heritage collection. The gallery, which is set to open in July 2013, will be situated on the first floor of Coventry Transport Museum, and will be based on the theme ‘Jaguar – a History of Design and Technical Innovation’. 

The exhibition will cover the period from the Swallow Sidecar Company of 1922 through to the present day, and will also include a look to the future. The 17 vehicles set to go on display have been chosen to illustrate some of the defining moments in Jaguar’s illustrious history and will be complemented by displays of archive images, specially designed historical display panels and digital information pods.

The vehicles will range from a 1928 Swallow Side-car to one of the latest concept cars from Jaguar Design and will include many iconic models from the intervening years including Mark V, Mark Vll, Mark 2 and XJ saloons as well as XK120, XK150, E-type, XJS and XK8 sports cars.

This new exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum will complement a display of sports and racing cars from the Jaguar Heritage Collection, which opened at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon in Summer 2012. More at


Keith Adams


  1. I really hope MG are paying attention to what Jag are doing. Jag have sponsored this exhibit, released the XJ220 prototype to one of the Classic mags, let Top Gear lose in the canned supercar prototype, and I cannot move for F-Type adverts popping up all around me on t’internet. TATA are pushing their purchased heritage for all they’re worth. Dealers are calling and texting and emailing because they have new metal to move, and I’m interested.

    Where are SAIC Marketing? Dead in a box somewhere, I guess, annoying Clarkson.

  2. Talking of Jaguar and Coventry, I recently saw a JLR job advert for a position in Browns Lane, which seemed a bit odd! I thought it might be c/o Coventry Prototype Panels (who bought the site and at one stage were involved with Spyker)and have just found out they apparently went into administration a couple of days ago. Anyone know the story?

  3. The transport museum’s huge collection contains so many rare and important vehicles that it has been designated a collection of national importance.The museum is home to 230 cars and commercial vehicles, 250 cycles and 90 motorcycles – all of which were built in the UK and many made in Coventry, home of the motor industry.From black cabs, made by the Cov-based London Taxis International and Jaguars and Peugeots to Standards, Alvis and Triumphs, the museum is home to virtually every marque that came out of our motor city.The museum is home to several displays which chart the history of the UK motor industry, from its birth at the turn of the 20th century to the present day.Included are the golden age of touring through the 20s and 30s, the part road transport played during the war and the subsequent boom and bust of the motoring economy.You can also take a trip through the past on two wheels through the museum’s collection of motorbikes and cycles.

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