China Watch : SAIC Motor exports Roewe 550s to Israel

Automotive News Europe, 13th October, 2010

SHANGHAI – A batch of 160 Roewe 550 compact sedans made by Shanghai Automotive Industry Co. have been shipped to the Israeli city of Eilat – the first time a Chinese automaker has sold sedans in Israel.

An Israeli distributor called the David Lubinsky Group imported the sedans, according to the  Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s website. The ministry oversees China’s foreign trade. The Roewe 550 sedan will be sold for $39,400 (264,000 yuan) in Israel, according to the ministry. The price includes Israeli taxes.

The Roewe 550 is 4624 mm long, 1827 mm wide and 1480 mm tall. It is powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged Kavachi gasoline engine. After SAIC acquired Rover in 2007, it adapted Rover platforms and powertrains for the Roewe brand.

Other Chinese automakers such as BYD Co. also seek to market cars in Israel, but their products have not yet met local emissions standards, the ministry said.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

Clive Goldthorp

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