News : Jaguar Land Rover’s 2014 sales figures

JLR - 12th January, 2015

Jaguar Land Rover has reported sales of 462,678 vehicles in 2014, up 9% year-on year.

Commenting on the full year performance Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, said:  ‘Jaguar Land Rover has once again outperformed prior year performance, with retails up across all of our key regions.”

He also suggested that, with the new Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport joining the range in 2015, the brands could see combined sales of over 500,000 by the end of 2015.

‘2014 has been a year of significant achievements for Jaguar Land Rover, recognised by more than 100 international awards. We aim to make 2015 even better, by creating ever more exciting cars that deliver great customer experiences,” he added.

Jaguar Land Rover’s global performance saw sales up by 28 per cent in China, three per cent in Europe, two per cent in the USA and seven per cent in the UK.

Land Rover had its best year on record, with sales reaching 381,108, up 9 per cent year-on-year. Jaguar sales were up 6 per cent for the year, retailing 81,570 vehicles. The F-Type, which has just completed its first full year of sales, continues to raise brand awareness around the world. The XF also recorded its best year of sales to date, contributing to Jaguar’s strongest full year performance in nearly a decade.

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Well done, JLR.

    I shall be interested to see what effect Land Rover feels in its UK sales figures in 2016, now that it has abandoned the £20-30,000 price band with the withdrawal of its most important car by volume, the Freelander 2.

    I know that the Evoque starts at around £29,999.99, but I don’t live in central London, so it doesn’t work for me.

  2. Land Rover / Range Rover (let’s call it Rover) outpaces Jaguar sales and sales growth by some considerable margin. It would be great to see a Jaguar sales breakdown XF, XJ and F-Type. Is the F-Type getting the sales as well as raising brand awareness or is it a halo exercise? Is the F-Type a great car but, overpriced? many of the industry experts think so. I hope after the XE launch and new F-Pace, and new factories that we see Jaguar proportional sales growth exceeding Rover. Tata deserve some substantial results after all their hard work and investment. Can they change the perception of Jaguar by non-jag owners and get them to buy the marque?

    • Having driven an F-Type 5 litre V8, with a supercharger, I was completely bowled over by it. Overpriced? Compared to the products of Aston Martin or Porsche, it’s something of a performance car bargain.

  3. Great result for JLR and also to see so much positivity in the feedback, always shocked how much anti-JLR feeling there is in comments on autocar and other sites – this is a great success story for the UK.

    The XE and Discovery Sport will hopefully be a big success. Yes the Disco support is priced above the Freelander but not that much higher than a CRV or RAV4 and fitting in 7 seats in the package is surely going to be a big reason to purchase.

    I know Jag is getting ridiculed for the F-Pace name, but again this could be a big seller as the market seems to want these type of vehicles and letting LR do the 4×4 capability they could make a great driving road car.

    For me, I just want to see a XE estate that can replace my 330D estate – about time the germans had more competition.

    • I’m very enthusiastic about JLR, but deeply disappointed that the FL2 has gone, with no direct replacement. I’ve owned 3 of them now, one new and 2 nearly new. They are a properly off road capable and immensely practical car, ideal for someone who would like a Defender, but can only have one car and needs to do 30,000+ road miles a year! The Disco 4 fills a similar niche, but for people with more money than I! If I could justify the cost of buying and running one, I’d have one in a flash!
      What bothers me is that the Land Rover have said that Discoveries will now represent “Leisure 4×4’s” (urban based, but wanting to suggest that they have active weekends being all rufty-tufty in the countryside – just watch the adverts!).
      This is no use to me. I don’t need 7 seats, but I do need rear seats that fold flat and a big, square, boot. Things that have been lost in pursuit of the Green Wellie / Waitrose market.
      Please, bring back the FL2, alongside the DS – at least until the new Defender arrives.

      The XE is no use to me, but I hope its a huge success and look forward to seeing the estate version too. I love the XF estate and very nearly bought one!

      • Tigger, what kind of offroading do you do in your FL2? The Evoque is better off road than people give it credit for.

        Also (if it ever arrives) the new DC100 Defender replacement may go some way towards filling the gap in the range left by the Freelander.

    • May I suggest bringing your sources up to date? A great deal has changed in the 10 years since that article was written. Land Rover’s emmissions have dropped drastically and they have offered 100% CO2 offset for all manufacturing activity and the first 45,000 miles for at least the last 4 years.

      I share you green interests, but it’s important to be aware of all the facts. For instance, I was berated by by niece for driving a 4×4. She’d been told at school that all 4×4’s are an environmental catastrophe. When I told her that it emitted 165g/km, which is 42g/km less than my old MINI and around 60g/km less than her mum’s Espace, she had no idea what these figures meant or what their significance was.

      Don’t berate 4×4’s just for being 4×4’s, berate cars with poor emissions!

        • This video shows no objections to 4×4’s, Just cars in general. It is a video from Amsterdam and has no reference to 4×4 cars. There will always be objections from people who don’t like to see people flaunting their wealth, using the excuse of global warming or climate change as they now seem to call it. I am not getting on a cycle to satisfy communism. Any car can kill if it driven badly or not serviced.

          • The video refers to urban city transport and hows that the Dutch reassessed their prioirities as long ago as the 1970s and reversed their policies of mass motoring in the urban city environment, the motor car was no longer given free reign to pollute and kill( kinder morden, child murder ). Objections to the 4×4 is it is the least appropriate passenger vehicle to enter cities on account of its bulk, excessive pollution and risk to pedestrians. There was a period when 4x4s sold in small numbers to those who actually neeeded a 4×4 capability, eg Farmers etc, however a great many 4x4s are superflous and are as BAzdaf identifies simply status symbols “the Chelsea Tractor” Land Rover enthusiasts identify with this corruption of the original concept of the LR 4×4 concept

  4. I read that the Individual figures for jaguar are not huge. The XF something like 45,000-50,000 a year, the F type about 8,000, The XJ small numbers and I dont know if the older XK is still sold. I expect figures are on the rise. The new XE is not on sale until May. i would half consider an XK or XE in 2 years time When its time for me to upgrade or trade in. Some of the individual sales figures for Audi and MB and BMW are not always huge. the % series does sell 500,000 models and the 5 series 300,000 plus but the Audi TT only 35,000 or so and the A7 45,000/

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