News : Jaguar F-Type gets mid-life refresh

The Jaguar F-Type gets a package of improvements for 2017, with upgrades to its infotainment system, the addition of a new 400 Sport launch-edition model and a world-first ReRun app which combines vehicle data with GoPro video to enhance the driving experience.

Styling gets a subtle tweak – the outgoing model’s double ‘shark gill’ apertures have been replaced by large, powerful single apertures with a lozenge mesh design. New full LED headlights continue to feature Jaguar’s distinctive J-Blade daytime running lights, which now double as the direction indicators.

The 542bhp V8 R features larger, wider apertures with a distinctive horizontal blade to accentuate further the car’s visual width. The 570bhp V8 SVR’s 200mph potential is advertised through unique apertures designed to offer the best possible airflow and aerodynamic efficiency.

An exclusive 400 Sport launch edition will be offered for one model year only. Power from the new 395bhp version of the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 has been harnessed by an uprated chassis, which includes the Super Performance braking system, Configurable Dynamics and 20-inch wheels with a unique Dark Satin Grey finish.

All versions in the now 22-model range feature the Touch Pro infotainment system. It has tablet-style operation, intelligent navigation functions such as Share ETA and online services such as real-time traffic and live weather reports make every journey more rewarding and put a world of information at the driver’s fingertips.

It means that you’ll be able to share driving footage using the new ReRun app developed in collaboration with GoPro. In a world-first, ReRun combines real-time video from the driver’s GoPro with key vehicle performance data including speed, throttle position, gear selection, braking force and g force.

Prices for the revised F-Type will range from £51,450 for the entry-level version to upwards of £110,000 for the F-Type SVR.

Keith Adams


  1. Love to see a concepts and prototypes story on the current F-Type if possible. I know the concept C-X16 is very close to the final production model but must have been a great development story.

  2. Frankly, I think the F-type is a bit of a toy, there is more room in my MG Midget ! Such a bulky car and no room for any luggage and virtually nowhere to put small items in the cabin. The E-type was almost equally devoid of room but it was a lot smaller. So how can a car get so much larger and still have no room in it ?

    • You’re right, and the excess width in particular does it no favours as a sports car. Last year I replaced my Boxster with an F-type convertible, quickly realised my mistake and traded it in for a new Boxster.

      • I’ve been fortunate enough to drive quite a few nice cars, my current being a 2016MY Disco 4.

        However, the nicest car I’ve ever driven remains a F-Type convertible, with the supercharged V8. I am can’t understand the wish to trade back to a Boxster.

        Considering what the car is designed to do, it also seems strange to mark it down for a lack of space and practicality; it’s like knocking the Disco for not being sporty enough and not being able to steer it around roundabouts with the throttle!

        • My issue with the F-type is not lack of space, but too much width. It’s 150mm (6″!) wider than a Boxster, which makes it a bit unwieldy on twisting B-roads. I was always waiting for an oncoming tractor or Transit to take my mirror off, or worse.

          • Seems a trend in modern cars to make them wider, however roads, marked road lanes, parking spaces, garages, driveways etc. have remained the same.

            Almost makes something like a Skoda Rapid, with near Octavia length but near Fabia width seem appealing. The spaceback looks like a Maestro too, for all AR fans!

    • Most likely answer is “crash protection”. If I’m going to be in an accident, I’d rather be in an F-type than a Midget!

      It’s good to see Jag keeping the F-type up to date. Base model is not bad value, relative to Cayman and TT RS. Broadspeed’s website suggests discounts of 10% are achievable…

  3. I wonder if they have sorted the crap interior? Still a gorgeous car and the nearest thing, XJ aside, to something that looks distinctively Jaguar in the current range.

    • From the photos, the interior looks unchanged apart from the new infotainment system. I agree it’s quite dark and plasticky, but that seems to be what modern Jag customers want. The days of the “stately home on wheels” XK8 are long gone.

      • Have to agree with the issue with the interiors of current Jaguar’s. One of my colleague’s has a late old version XF and it’s such a nice place to sit in in comparison to the current stuff.

        Black plastic and gloom in the current XE and XF do nothing for me.

          • It’s a £300 option to have anything like proper Jag wood in your new car these days, years ago it was standard. I definitely didn’t want German car black in my interior so went for the light oyster. I really wish Jag would improve the interiors of their current range, it’s a big let down. Jag interiors used to be something special, now they’re no different to Peugeot.

            Dog Knob Red wasn’t available in Portfolio trim level I went for sadly!

  4. I’m surprised there are no rumbles of discontent from the ARonline “grumpy old man” contingent about the inclusion of GoPro compatibility on the facelifted F-type.

    A blatant sop to the YouTube/Instagram generation, we managed without this technology on the MGB, kids these days, grumble grumble, bring back National Service, etc etc

          • A GoPro is a tiny video camera, used by extreme sports folk to film themselves snowboarding or mountain biking (or driving their car). YouTube is full of videos of people demonstrating their varying levels of talent behind the wheel and jabbering on about why they love their car. Some of these are interesting, most are rubbish.

            The F-type has built-in compatibility with a GoPro camera, so when you film yourself driving, it overlays the video with speed and rpm graphics, similar to what you see on F1 coverage on TV.

            It will appeal to a niche set of buyers (hard core track day enthusiasts, and Knightsbridge attention-seekers), but to be honest I would expect to see this kind of kit on something like a Caterham, or maybe a Focus RS or Civic Type R, not a Jag!


      • Does it not mean a built in dashcam, so you can save off people who are lost in the wrong lane, indicating and moving into your lane 100 yards ahead as “THIS IDOIT CUT ME UP!!!!” onto youtube, and from there onto “YUO DRIVE LIEK AN IDIOT!” Facebook groups?

        All about the social networking these days.

        • Not quite, Will.
          You have to provide your own GoPro but the Rerun app will enable you to to overlay information from the car, such as road speed, engine speed, gear, throttle position, acceleration / deceleration / lateral g etc onto the video that you make.
          Lots of cars have the ability to record and display that info ( Sport Chrono pack on a Porsche for example ). This app means you can show the info off a bit more effectively. Will most owners use it more than once? Probably not, but that’s not the point!

          • Thanks Andy. Would be interesting for track days, a trip to Nurburgring and the likes, but not the daily commute! 🙂

  5. The biscuit coloured leather in my X type looked gorgeous, but did show the dirt.
    I went to the F-Pace launch in my local Jag dealer, and of all the cars I sat in, the F type was the only one that had comfortable elbow room. I didn’t ask to drive it – somebody might have had a bad attack of curled lip if they worked out that on that particular day, I had arrived in a 15-year-old Mitsubishi.. as described on another occasion by a dealer customer as THAT THING!

      • It’s a rookie mistake to make as a salesman (full time in sales since ’92). However, don’t let it stop you looking at a used XF; those built prior to the current (aluminium) version can be seriously nice cars.

      • Sadly this is a common trait with quite a few Jaguar dealers these days, as various members of my family have found over the years. Sadly the result was: Germany 3, England 0 when it came to what was ultimately purchased. Even a friend of mine who owned a Jaguar X Type and had recently had it serviced at the same local dealership, was ignored by the sales staff and no literature on a potential new Jaguar he was interested in ever arrived.

        When he had had enough of its rusting wheel arches and failing suspension components he sold it and ended up with a Saab 9-3. He bought the Saab not only because of its solid engineering, but also the attitude of friendly and knowledgeable staff.

        Thankfully my local Jaguar dealer in Exeter who had this rather unwelcoming attitude have now been taken over by another dealership group and next year will be moving to a new purpose built site, to be sold alongside Land Rover. Time will tell whether the Jaguar sales staff (and also Land Rover) have a more welcoming attitude towards potential and confirmed customers.

        As for the F Type? It’s still the premium sports cars I would go for if I was in the market for one. Sadly I’m not.

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