News : MG6 starts plying its trade as a taxi

MG6 taxi (2)

The first MG6 to be licensed as a taxi in the UK has just begun to ply its trade in Barton-upon Humber, introduced by new taxi firm: Barton 1V. Simon Weakley and Mike Davies discussed setting up a new taxi firm in their town, leading them to contact Maple Garage and conclude a deal which resulted in them purchasing this eye-catching Burnt Orange version.

The LPG-converted S model with 14,500 miles on the clock was the ideal car for their business as it would be just the thing for the 60,000 miles it would be doing each year, saving at least 40% on fuel costs – and, as two of the new company’s drivers, Gillian Kirk and Katie Ashton, say ‘that is what you want for a taxi.’

The company’s customers have also been complimentary about the MG6 and specifically remarked on the choice of colour. Sophie Davies explains that ‘it really helps being such an unusual colour because, as a customer, you know instantly that it is your taxi coming for you. As opposed to the usual black/grey colour for example.’

The Maple Garage-converted MG6 is averaging 35mpg on LPG and, at 68p/litre, it is achieving the equivalent of over 70mpg in real terms – better than most diesels – while, with regards to reliability, the car has been perfect apart from servicing and tyre changes. The only minor problems have been the low coolant warning light coming on which was a dealer fix under warranty and a sticking petrol filler cap also fixed under warranty. We will continue to report on the MG6’s progress as the miles clock up – 20,000 and counting.

Barton 1V offers local and long-haul services from Barton-upon Humber. Call them on +44 (0)1652 632122 or +44 (0)7793 014257.

MG6 taxi (3)

Keith Adams


  1. Great to see another positive review/feedback and localish to me too I still think they need to publicise more though and expand dealer network quicker

  2. ” It is the great unknown car, isn’t it?’ ”

    What a great headline for a new press advert , TV commercial.

    Going on the current low budget promotion plan, an MG6 taxi is pretty good local advert.

    The positive feedback on the car is encouraging, good to read

  3. This is where the MG6 needed to be, if it wanted to compete against the Octavia (which has gone ‘upmarket’ ie. expensive in the latest gen).

  4. I’m really quite confused by AROnline’s stance regarding SAIC and this modern-day MG saga.

    Is it AROnline’s remit to aggrandize this brand?

    I ask, because it seems to be the policy of this website to be relentlessly upbeat about the MG6 and the MG3, and in the process to gloss over the rather obvious rubbish SAIC is foisting off on the UK car-buying public.

    Sure, you publish horror stories from owners on the execrable quality of the MGF “replacement”, you comment on the obvious non-production at Longbridge, etc. etc.

    But, the very next day, we get bright and breezy optimistic stories on the glory of the revived MG, how wonderful the MG3 is to drive, look! a taxi company chose the MG6, and other blarney which would not be out of place in an optimistic travel brochure advertising new chipboard villas on the edge of the Costa del Sol for a mere quarter-million quid.

    I see no sign of a balanced view on the actual quality of the cars at all. Yes, you commiserate with the unfortunate owners who write in advising you of the utter rubbish they have somehow talked themselves into buying. But then go silent.

    I think you do your readers a complete disservice on this MG matter by glossing over the problems of terrible quality, non-obtainable parts, dealers who give up due to no support from MG, and by providing no insight at all as to the motives SAIC has in offering these half-baked goods for sale in the UK.

    It’s all cheerleading and no objective criticism. Why?

    Surely the memories of driving around in old MGs and Rovers does not merit supporting a Chinese company with a distinctly short-term outlook on customer service, a fake front of 300 folk labouring away doing essentially nothing at the Design Centre, and sales that measure as mere drips in the flow of car sales in the UK.

    The only thing really common about the old MG and the new MG is the name. Perhaps we can expect a more objective outlook from this website in future?

    You know, after this taxi company realizes what a load of old rope they just purchased. In about six months time.

    Or will we read some apologetic rationalization about its failure? Further proof perhaps that some grown-ups really do believe in Father Christmas …..

    I hope I’m wrong, but based on past articles I truly wonder.

  5. I’d assume the real attraction was the purchase price – I’m guessing around £7k so even if it’s worth the same as an empty Zippo in two years time the depreciation will be less than an equivalent Mondeo/Passat/Octavia/etc

    And it’s a nice colour and handles well – both top priorities for a taxi firm 🙂

  6. Bill,

    Thanks for the points you’ve raised. I’d like to assure you that I have no bias towards MG and, over the years, I’ve given them enough stick when they’ve done something to deserve it. Equally, if the company deserves praise, then why not? And I’ll continue to cover MG Motor UK on AROnline while they continue to make them here.

    When or if they stop, and become merely another Chinese car manufacturer, then I’ll also stop. Whenever people have emailed about their troublesome MGs (a lemon of a TF and a 6 come to mind), I’ve publicised their problems and invited MG to comment; and I will continue to do so. In fact, I invite any MG owners to get in touch, especially if they’ve had ‘problems of terrible quality, non-obtainable parts, dealers who give up due to no support from MG.’

    I think my new car reviews have been broadly in line with what the other websites and magazines are saying (I favoured the Sandero over the MG3 in the latest story, for instance), and am under no illusion that, if it weren’t for their low prices, the MG6 and MG3 would struggle more than they already are.

    Of course, I have friends who work for SMTC in Longbridge, many of whom read this site, and they’d probably give you a thousand and one reasons why they would argue with your point that their cars are ‘rubbish’. Especially, they’d argue the point that they’re essentially doing ‘nothing.’

    Personally speaking, I’ve spent plenty of time in the MG6 and the MG3, and think they’re both okay. Some rough edges, good overall dynamics and great interior packaging – however, I’ve never run either over an extended period, so have no experience of the dealers, long-term reliability or parts availability – that’s where I rely on owner feedback. Do you own one?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – while MG Motor UK retains a production presence in the UK, then I wish it all the best. I’d like to see them make more cars, of course, and maybe in time, as (if?) the product and dealer situation improves, this will happen.

    As an aside, I did a quick tot up of news stories run on the site since September and here’s how the numbers add up:

    Jaguar Land Rover 20
    MINI 8
    MG Motor UK 6
    Classic 6
    Nissan 4
    Misc UK 4
    Toyota 2
    Frazer Nash 2
    Bentley 2
    Rolls-Royce 1
    Lotus 1
    Caterham 1
    Morgan 1
    LTI 1
    Aston Martin 1
    MG Rover 1

    • I had this mg6 1.9 2013 with 1200 on the clock . you can not the clock on unless you have the radio or satnav on start stop stop do not work if you use to much power out of the battery .gear change not very smooth.I

      should had this car for a week I would not had have had this car

  7. @7
    Lifted straight from Jeremy Clarkson’s A to Z of Platitudes.

    Had to throw in “Chinese” as opposed to British workers earning a living.

    We know where your train of thought is.

  8. @10

    Wherever #7’s train of thought might be, it seems to me that his heart is in the right place. My sense is that he put his points with such passion (and humour) not because he wanted to denigrate this magnificent website for nihilistic reasons but because he cares passionately – as we all do – about the course that MG Motor UK Ltd is embarked upon.

    His post certainly got my pulse racing, as did Keith’s fair-minded yet equally passionate riposte. And that’s one of the reasons why I keep returning here.

    It strikes me that whatever views are expressed, all of us are conveying in different ways that we actually care about what’s going on at Longbridge and that we want MG Motor to succeed by producing cars that are saleable and that we can get excited about.

  9. Quote: ’that is what you want for a taxi.’

    Yep, bland, cheap, doesn’t matter if it gets trashed.

    @7 Bill Malcolm, I’m right with you. Probably cost about £7k and will be worth zilch in 12 months time.

    Real headline should be: MG is now Taxi fodder

  10. Keith raises an interesting point , in saying ” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – while MG Motor UK retains a production presence in the UK, then I wish it all the best.”

    But does it ? It has a design office , but quite how much fundamental design it undertakes is not really clear with only 300 engaged . It only seems to design odd mods to conform to EU requirements and / or local market conditions . The only production which takes place appears to be the fitment of those mods . Or is there more going on at Longbridge than that ? I certainly hope so

  11. Perhaps the Chinese use Longbridge as a base for a clandestine spy network. The MG6 is a smokescreen to allow them access to our superior technology.

  12. For all those negatives posts- what’s wrong with the MG6 getting a reputation as taxi fodder? Clearly private buyers don’t want this (type) car- I maintain any new brand would struggle to sell a car like this in the UK- wonderful Dacia included. The association with minicabs certainly hasn’t done the Skoda Octavias and Merc saloons any disservice- indeed, it’s probably strengthened their reps as unbreakable sloggers in many people’s eyes. All with the added benefit of literally thousands of people getting to enjoy the legendary Chinese rear legroom. In fact, if I was been negative about MG, I’d have asked them why they haven’t gone all out trying to get a modest contract to supply a minicab firm in the first place..!

  13. ” Clearly private buyers don’t want this (type) car- I maintain any new brand would struggle to sell a car like this in the UK- wonderful Dacia included ”

    Exactly. The tiny dealer network is obviously a major problem too. Still ain’t spotted a 3 yet. You can just imagine the response to the TV advert (too short lived as per that for the 6) – “Oh I’d like one of those but I’m not travelling 50 miles to get it serviced”

    If MG UK are to conquer the UK (and Europe) they need to get a bigger dealer network. Invest, take the business risk.

  14. We’re lucky enough that (even in our obscure local back water of Liskeard in Cornwall) we’re treated to some genuinely nice local metal for taxis. We even have a petrol XF amongst a fleet of X Types.I’d rather see all the desirable stuff used first, long before they start using the Chinese stuff here thanks!

  15. I wonder if MG will honour the 3 year warranty with the LPG conversion in place? Anybody know how much the conversion cost?

    As regards it being a taxi, well no harm in that having driven 405’s 406’s and 407’s for years I don’t see the problem.

  16. @21,
    Why should they? Its been modified, break-outs to ECM etc.
    Car dealers avoid them like the plague in case of warranty problems.

  17. TBH. . . You struggle with any warranty on any car/parts as soon as the word Taxi is mentioned.. . No 2nd hand car dealer will warrant one generally.


  18. @11 Craig.
    I agree with your final sum up, I just cant get excited about MG at all.

    The badge originally meant something but these somehow have no passion and to me the whole operation lacks sincerity…..such a shame.

  19. @24, it’s not so bad, there are so many success stories to celebrate in the British motor industry at the moment that this cynical little enterprise can be ignored.
    Just enjoy the fact that Land Rover alone now produce more cars annually than the entire British Leyland combine had achieved since the early 70’s! Not only are the volumes high, but the products are of a much higher value and are bought on their own merit. Who would ever have thought it would happen?

  20. Just looking at this a second time, it’s one of the ex Avis hire fleet cars which, at 14,500 miles, probably hasn’t been moved a wheel since Avis finished with it a year or so ago.

    I thought that I’d just check WBAC for a valuation and it’s interesting to see that it would have fetched £5,875 in perfect order.

    I can see why they consider it’s worth a punt as a taxi, especially if they can get a bit of free publicity for running such a rare “British” car.

  21. i own MG6 in Iran only because of Famous & old Brand’s Name in front of many type of Korean and Japanese cars , since MG is alive by British design , i don’t know why some British persons are claiming this brand maybe it was bought by SAIC but they don’t care about the pride history of this brand which is melted with british great industrial , not only new British design is good and fabricated in SAIC is well but also the MG name is still alive .

  22. Does anybody find it sad that the MG6 GT turbo the flagship of there range here in the UK could be outrun in a drag race by a 1989 MG Maestro turbo personally I think really SAIC needs to give mg motors UK a bit of credibility and let them build some proper class leading fast hot hatch backs you know what I mean the 3 would be the perfect replacement for the Renault sport Twingo 133 R.I.P and the soon to be deceased Skoda Fabia VRS with those two gone it would have the market to itself I just think SAIC should exploit the real potential of MG.

  23. @28, I do not see your point, I have seen Mk1 Golfs push RS500’s out of the way, ok it was a turbo’d VR6 but they are what they are.

  24. I was just trying to say MG could probably sell a lot more cars if they made proper hot hatches that could keep up or maybe even out perform there predecessors the z range

  25. Ryan @ 32

    I’m no big TV watcher and certainly not a soap addict but I’ve seen the MG6 on Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Doc Martin. Only brief glimpses, not regular sightings but, as you say, good product placement.

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