Blog : It’s Happy New Year from me, and it’s a Happy New Year from him…

So that’s it then… another one behind us, and despite the misery of COVID, 2021 has been one hell of a busy year.

Mike Humble and Keith Adams

Happy New Year from Britain’s automotive Rolling Stones: Mick and Keith

Well, it certainly has been for me, working in transport and logistics with driver shortages and my company being involved in pharmaceuticals. I’ve never been busier. This will go some way to explain why I have been a little quiet on the site over the last year – there simply hasn’t been enough hours in the day. When I do get home and have time to relax at the weekend, all I do is sleep – suffice to say that I am currently planning to enter the 2022 Rip Van Winkle competition: I’ll keep you posted of the results as I expect to win a prize.

So, really all that needs to be said on a personal level is that I am still here and plan to make a conscious effort to add more copy to the site. The only way I can do this is by closing down my own website – that’s a bit of a shame, but it’s been good fun overall. Other update news includes the Rover 75 that was purchased back in March – can you believe I still have it? There has been little to report in fairness as she’s performed admirably – other than the slave cylinder exploding barely a fortnight after signing the log-book, virtually nothing has gone wrong.

We both thank you for your loyal support over the past year, our 20th Anniversary bash at Gaydon is still being talked about and there are one or two really superb videos out there on YouTube if you wish to re-live the occasion or catch-up on what you missed if you were unable to attend . Well over £500 was raised for charity on the day – in fact, after all was said and done and after re-selling a picture that was kindly offered back at our charity auction, the figure almost nudged £600. Well done and thank you everyone who dug deep on that rather special, emotional and fun-filled day.

2021 was a little light in terms of BLARG birthdays in fairness. We saw the 40th birthday of the Triumph Acclaim, of course, and who back in the day would have predicted the importance of that little car in terms of future collaborative events for Rover in 1981. For those who like their heritage a little larger though, 2021 also marked the 40th birthday of the Leyland Tiger chassis – a vehicle that sold in big numbers throughout the Eighties and early Nineties. Launched in Gibraltar and Morocco, it was said to be the most lavish and expensive launch Leyland ever had costing some £1,100,000 40 years ago.

Leyland Tiger – 40 years old in 2021

Next year marks some very important BL-related anniversaries – I am currently working on a viability exercise in respect of one of them terms with a view to a possible DVD launch for later next year in a not dissimilar vein to Project R40. I’m saying nowt at the moment, but promise to keep you all abreast of developments – we maybe even asking for your input, too. One thing is for sure, I’ve been impressed at some of the contacts that have been nudged who have agreed to have a microphone and camera shoved up their hooter. Fingers crossed on this one, if it gets the green light, you’ll bloody love it.

What other news is there? Ooh yeah, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr Ian Pogson continues his speedy recovery after his horrific bike accident a few months back. We speak fairly regularly and, for an old ‘un, his rate of recovery has been nothing short of breath-taking. The injuries he sustained were enough to make a glass eye weep and both Ian and his family have been touched at the level of best wishes that have been sent to them. All of us here send our continued best wishes Ian!

Well, that’s your lot folks. Continue to play safe and stay safe in 2022, stay tuned to AROnline and thank you all for your continued support as the site enters its 21st year!

Mike Humble


  1. Happy New Year to you both, Keith & Mike… the AR Site is easily worth a daily visit – and I love motoring nostalgia! Good luck in the Rip Van Winkle competition too Mike…

  2. Happy New Year to both of you also, Keith and Mike. Your articles are always interesting, informative and entertaining. One small suggestion, which in no way at all is any sort of criticism: how about a few more articles on some of Britain’s smaller, specialised manufacturers? i.e.: The Donald Healey Motor Corporation, AC Cars Ltd. under the Hurlocks–up to today, TVR, etc Thank you once again, chaps!

  3. Thank you, gentlemen, for all your efforts over the past year and previously. I for one always enjoy reading your work and greatly appreciate your dedication in consistently informing and entertaining us. My best wishes to you and all the other contributors/commenters for 2022; let’s hope it’s better than the previous two years!

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