Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

Day 24:
Working for my keep again

Another late start, and today we went to the beach. We spuddled around looking at other villages that Gramy had considered when choosing their house.  I think that, of those we saw, they chose well. The site of their house has great views that can’t be built on because of the valley, but is still in a sizeable village.

We headed to the beach, which as the season was almost over, we had nearly to ourselves. The views were great and the temperature fabulous -shame I hadn’t brought any trunks, so it was down to the boxers and straight it. Whilst I was having a swim, Amy proceeded to strip the beach of what seemed to be its entire stock of driftwood and small purple shells for various crafty things and bong grotto decoration back at the house. After sunning myself, and believing my boxers had dried out, we headed for a spot of late lunch. However, as we sat down for lunch, it seemed that my boxers weren’t as dry as I thought and, as I was wearing light coloured shorts, it looked like I’d had an unfortunate accident.

After lunch we drove back across some old roads and visited the stone forest, an odd naturally occurring collection of stone pillars. As it began to rain lightly we headed home on the motorway.

Once back in Nevsha we got out some digging implements and sparked up the cement mixer to put up some of the fence posts we had collected earlier in the week as a way of me saying thank you for my board and lodging again. We managed to get about 10 holes prepared and 6 new posts concreted in before running out of light.

Keith Adams

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