Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

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Erwin's Dutch registered buggy
Erwin's Dutch registered buggy

Part three:
Working for my keep

As it was good to see Erwin again, I decided to stay for an extra night in Meijel, but Erwin had to work today, so I went along with him and we removed the carpet from a large office in about 2 1/2 hours which left the rest of the day free to play with cars.

There were a few jobs needed doing to the Mini as I didn’t have time to do them before I left, the first was to tighten the fan belt as the car was getting a bit hot as it was pressed along the motorway, the second (and just as important) was to get sounds, so I wired an old amplifier in to be fed by my  Nephew’s slightly broken ipod nano (thanks Ecky) and the third was to fit left hand drive headlights as I was going to be on the continent for a while.

A quick dinner with Erwin’s mum and partner saw the spud gun being pressed into action, after much hilarity on the campsite we returned home and I’ll head off to bed soon.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get to Osnabruck where on a previous holiday I found a salsa bar open on a Tuesday night, let’s hope it’s still open. Later in the week I’m looking to head to Berlin and possibly onto Gdansk then down to Prague by Monday to meet the guys at the end of the banger rally.

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